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Pet Friendly Properties

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A ‘Good Cause’ - Introducing Battersea’s Pet Friendly Properties campaign.

Pet ownership advice for landlords and tenants

*Ad: Promoted content in collaboration with Battersea Dogs & Cats Home.

There's no denying the positive impacts that a pet can have on your home and wellbeing. During the pandemic we saw a dramatic increase in pet ownership as people's mental health saw many sought out a pet to combat loneliness with companionship. Welcoming a new, and furry, member to the family can have a hugely positive impact on your wellbeing. A pet can increase opportunities to exercise and get outside, to socialise and connect to others in your area.

However, sadly, Battersea witnesses all too often the very real impact of people having to give up a dog or cat due to housing issues. This problem is only set to rise as we are seeing more people than ever renting properties coupled with an increase in the number of people looking to own a pet.

We take pet ownership incredibly seriously at Gumtree and believe education and information is key to avoid people having to give up their pets and ensure that pets and their owners can stay together. As such we’ve teamed up to support Battersea's Pet Friendly Properties campaign, which aims to promote an open and constructive dialogue between landlords and tenants to support responsible pet ownership in rented accommodation – for the benefit of pets, tenants and landlords.

Pet Friendly Properties

Did you know?...
- More than half of landlords they would consider allowing pets, so start that conversation today with the help of Battersea
- 60% of people living in rented accommodation where pets are banned would like to own a pet, either now or in the future.

To drive any sort of change, practical and simple steps need to be put in place so Battersea have created a Pet Friendly Property report to support both landlords and tenants to do just that, highlighting a series of practical recommendations about how they can address and improve the situation, including:

Reviewing the impact of the revised pets clause in the UK Government’s Model Tenancy Agreement.

Incentivising pet insurance options for tenants against potential pet damage, enabling more landlords to accept pets.

Ensuring that wherever public funds are invested in building new homes for rent, pet-friendly policies should be a condition of funding.

Organisations promoting pet friendly properties and landlord organisations should develop practical advice specifically on how to assess requests to keep a dog or cat in a flat.

Earlier this year the Government indicated it was planning to change the law to introduce reforms to support pet-owning renters, so the opportunity for real change is now one step closer.'

What are the benefits of pet ownership for both tenants and landlords?

In Battersea’s latest survey - Over a third of people said they got their pet for mental wellbeing benefits. But for many, the possibility of pet ownership is a challenge as they will be long term renters.

There has been a shift in the demographics of renters - more families, more with children – groups most typically likely to want to also own pets. Landlords who take a progressive view open their property to a wider group of potential tenants, who are more likely to want longer tenancies than non-pet owners.

But many landlords remain apprehensive, renting to tenants with pets. The main reason being cited is that many landlords are renting out a much-loved family home and are hesitant owing to concerns around damage.

But did you know that only 3% of dog owners said their dog had ever damaged property. Stats such as these can be really impactful when speaking to your landlord to combat misconceptions and preconceived ideas. and why we’re supporting the campaign to open up the dialogue.

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