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Is a Nissan 350Z a good car?

The 350Z is known for excellent speed and grip. It features rear-wheel drive, which makes for tight handling.

How fast is the 350Z?

Tests show that the Nissan 350Z can go from 0-60mph in 5.9 seconds. Its max speed is 155mph.

How much is the Nissan 350Z?

There are many Nissan 350Z models to choose from on Gumtree starting from around £5000. This price will depend on the age, model and condition of the car.

Is the 350Z a two-seater?

This model is a two-seater, but there’s plenty of legroom and headspace. Useable space in the boot is limited.

Why is the 350Z better than 370Z?

The 350Z is more affordable – due to its age. Some believe that its exterior features a more timeless design than the super modern-looking 370Z.

Can I get a car delivered from Gumtree?

You may be able to arrange delivery of your new car by contacting the seller. Alternatively, search Gumtree for a used car local to you.

Are car ads from private or trade sellers?

Cars are available from both private and trade on Gumtree. Use our filters to see ads from a specific seller type.

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