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Posting for 8+ years


***GLASGOW Personal Trainer in PRIVATE 121 GYM***

Yorkhill, Glasgow


Posting for 8+ years

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Contact Paul




2 days ago


*** NOW offering PRIVATE ZOOM sessions ***

Our Private Personal facility allows discreet and confidential workouts, ONE person at a time. This allows us to assess your needs individually and to accurately devise programs to achieve the best results - by spending only 30-45 minutes with us two to three times a week.

Ever been on a diet and felt miserable?

Eating very little to lose at most a few pounds a week can be soul destroying. Not only that, say you reach your goal weight and still don’t look the way you want.

Tired, stressed and hungry? This is why so many diets fail long term.

Unless you have a very high metabolism your body simply doesn't want you to look incredibly thin. If you are habitually dieting to attain a look, it is likely to have longer-term health implications like dry skin, weak bones as your body simply doesn't get what it needs to stay strong.

At 'PT Glasgow' personal training we focus on your long-term health and happiness. We want you to feel stronger, healthier, brighter and less stressed. Will you look good if you follow our program? Of course! You will understand Your body and habits in a completely new way and finally feel comfortable in your own skin.

Our ‘NEW YOU' Program is yours for just £40 Per session or £300 per 10 sessions. ** I now also offer private ZOOM meetings for £40 each or £270 for 10 x 30 minute sessions.

You will get the following

• A personalized ‘BusyFit’ unique nutritional /exercise system.

• Full nutritional backup support from our PT team.

• 2 x 40-minute personal training sessions Per week.

• A targeted lifestyle plan to keep you on track between Personal training sessions.

Focus on being fit, not thin. There’s a snowball effect - the fitter you become, the more you love the way it makes you feel and look. Make fitness part of your weekly routine, all you need to do is give us a call to get the ball rolling. Because once you unleash your potential you won’t want to look back.

Get in touch and get organized this year, and get the results that you have always wanted and, up until now, only ever dreamed of; you only have health and fitness to gain.

Paul Rutherford

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