Removing Content From Gumtree

As with every site that involves user-generated content, we sometimes get attempts to post inappropriate content on Gumtree. It could be fraudulent, dangerous or offensive, but most of the time it doesn’t make it as far as going live. Very occasionally it does, and we do our best to remove the content from Gumtree ASAP, before it can cause any harm.

Removing content on Gumtree

How do we choose which content to remove?

We use a mixture of automated rules – such as keyword flagging – and manual moderation to remove content in both ads and replies. You can read more about the hard work our moderation team does to keep Gumtree working correctly in our article on monitoring spam and fraud.

We will remove content that is illegal or harmful, if it’s in breach of our posting policies, or that we believe is suspicious. You can read our full posting policy here if you’re unsure about what constitutes breaking the rules.

What if you take down my ad incorrectly?

We all make mistakes, and occasionally we do remove content that was within the rules. If you believe your ad has been removed incorrectly, don’t panic – just get in touch with us and we’ll correct our decision promptly and get your post live again.

How can you help remove inappropriate content?

We believe in the power of our community to keep Gumtree a great place to buy, sell and give old items new life. If you see a post that doesn’t adhere to our guidelines, you can report it to us using the handy ‘report’ button that pops up next to every ad. This will notify us to check it out and determine if it should be removed.