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Best City Cars

Small in stature, many are big on style and relatively well appointed. Interested? Read on…

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In this article, you'll find some of the best options for a company car, whatever…

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Gumtree works hard to make it safe and simple to find a good car locally at a great price. However, vehicle fraud does exist and it’s important our users are aware of the most common car scams to stay one step ahead. Read on to find out how to stay safe when buying and selling cars online.

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Best Saloons

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The Best Used SUVs

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Estate or SUV? Supermini or crossover? Discover the perfect car for your needs with our top 10 series and more from our handy hub. Each of our articles guides you through the top choices on the market to find the right buy for you.

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red ford fusion body

Ford Fusion Review

3.5 rating
Blue vauxhall Viva body

Vauxhall Viva Review

4.0 rating
green skoda citigo body

Skoda Citigo Review

4.5 rating
blue volkswagen arteon body

Volkswagen Arteon Review

4.5 rating
Black BMW X6

BMW X6 Review

4.5 rating
red Skoda yeti

Skoda Yeti Review

4.0 rating
White Fiat Tipo Body front

Fiat Tipo Review

4.0 rating
White BMW 6 Series Body

BMW 6 Series Review

4.0 rating
Volvo C30 Body

Volvo C30 Review

4.0 rating
Red Volvo S60 body

Volvo S60 Review

4.5 rating
White Suzuki Alto Body

Suzuki Alto Review

4.0 rating
Red Suzuki Ingis Body

Suzuki Ignis Review

4.0 rating
Silver Range Rover Velar Exterior body

Land Rover Range Rover Velar Review

4.5 rating
Renault Scenic Exterior

Renault Scenic Review

4.0 rating
Renault Twingo Exterior

Renault Twingo Review

4.0 rating
blue toyota avensis

Toyota Avensis Review

4.5 rating

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What is a Hybrid?

How do hybrid cars work? A hybrid car combines the conventional power of a diesel…

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