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In 2022, half of Brits (49%) bought between three and eight new items for their home. In 2023, the UK plans to spend on average £1,108 on further homeware items. But 53% of us don’t realise the negative impact these fast homeware purchases have on the environment*. It’s time for a consumption rebellion!

Gumtree’ research shows if every person swapped their homeware purchases from new to second hand for the next three months alone, an estimated 10.9 billion kgs of carbon across the nation would be saved. This is enough carbon for every Brit to enjoy hot showers for six months**.

Second hand can be a powerful part of the solution. We need to stop buying so many new items, keep more in circulation and shift our consumption behaviour.

Second Hand, First

To mark Earth Day, we joined forces with second-hand ambassador Miquita Oliver to start a consumption rebellion. With Londoners regretting their homeware purchases the most, Miquita joined us to ask everyone to think ‘why’ before they buy. 

We’re asking as many people as possible to pledge to think second hand, first for purchases over the next three months. This could be choosing to adopt second hand for your home renovation. Or sourcing pre-loved garden furniture. Simply seeking out soft furnishings for a spring spruce up, or summer staples such as a BBQ. So many items can be sourced locally, sustainably and affordably. 

If you’re ready to take on the challenge, let us know what you’ll be committing to over the next three months below. Whether you’ll be setting yourself the ultimate challenge of only buying second hand or simply where possible, or looking for the item second hand, first.

And, for every 2,500 pledges we receive we’ll sponsor an acre of woodland.***

So join our Consumption Rebellion, fight against waste and swop till you drop for the sake of the planet. 

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*Research conducted by Censuswide in the UK between March 29th – 31st 2023 and of 2,000 nationally representative consumers aged 16+. Censuswide abides by and employs members of the Market Research Society which is based on the ESOMAR principles
**Carbon calculations
The data for Gumtree’s carbon emission saving’s calculator is taken from the official UK Government analysis of the carbon footprint of UK residents. It is available to view online here:

The statistics are provided using a model developed at the University of Leeds. It calculates the embodied Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG) associated with the production of all goods and services consumed in the UK. The data provides an average carbon footprint for the product and may not be tied to the price listed on these examples. It does not take into account that there could be any variation within the sector dependent on the specific product or brand. According to the UK Government and University of Leeds, one shower = 1.2kg carbon. Heating a home for one day = 6.3kg carbon. Per passenger, one flight from London to Barcelona is 0.15832kg of carbon / 1,337kms (distance between London to Barcelona). ONS estimates the UK population that is 16+ to be approximately 54,098,971 and the entire population to be 67,000,000.
***1 pledge = 1 unique user (multiple pledges from same user will not be counted). Gumtree will sponsor up to a maximum of 3 acres of woodland.