Volkswagen Touareg Review

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4.5 rating

The family SUV market is arguably one of the most competitive in the UK and is saturated with superb options for car buyers. But Volkswagen’s new flagship model, the Touareg, will cause a stir. Now in its third generation, motorists can expect a more intelligent and stylish model than before. While its new engine specs might pique your interest, the biggest change is that VW has sacrificed its chunky SUV’s off-road flare for hi-tech features. The latest version of the Touareg has slipped quietly into the higher-end of the luxury market and is certainly worth your attention.

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What we think about the Volkswagen Touareg

The luxury SUV market is a real heavyweight battle, but the Touareg holds its ground and offers families the comfort of an executive saloon neatly packaged beneath the security of an SUV.



High-end technology options available


Mammoth towing capacity of 3.5 tonnes


Wide variety of engine options


No seven-seat option

The 2021 Touareg comes with six different trim levels, from the entry-level SE to the feature-packed SEL Tech and premium Black Edition. Older model’s trims are named Sport, Lux and Executive. The third generation models (from 2018 on) have increased in width and length compared to previous versions. It has four engine options, all relatively fuel-efficient given its size: two diesels, a petrol and a new plug-in hybrid. This last option only comes in the Touareg’s performance-driven big sister, the Touareg R.

Driving performance of the Volkswagen Touareg

Our Driving Rating8 / 10

Despite the Touareg’s dominant presence and thick tyres, VW has moved away from off-roading ability and engineered a more practical ride. Given its size, you can expect a degree of body roll when cornering, but thanks to its new aluminium suspension and lightweight body, it’ll still feel smooth to handle. The rear-wheel steering points the back wheels in the opposite direction to the front wheels, making the turning circle feel small and its three-tonne weight feel much more nimble. Drivers will really appreciate this feature, particularly when you need to squeeze into those tight parking spaces.

Safety and reliability of the Volkswagen Touareg

Our Safety Rating8 / 10

As a family-oriented SUV, you would expect the Touareg’s safety features to really impress – and they don’t disappoint. It comes with VW’s latest suite of safety systems including lane assist, which sends the driver a warning if they’re accidentally moving out of their lane. But the really high-tech addition is the new night vision feature. You read that right, VW’s night vision is an infrared camera that provides thermal imaging for up to 130 metres – so if the LED headlights can’t pick it up, the night vision camera will. The Touareg also scored five stars during its latest crash-test with Euro NCAP.

Under the bonnet of the Volkswagen Touareg

Our Engine Rating8 / 10

While the Touareg is smooth to drive, VW’s engine design is equally impressive – you can enjoy two V6 3.0-litre diesels producing either 228 bhp or 282 bhp. If you want something a little greener, then you should go for the 335 bhp V6 petrol. While currently unavailable, the UK can expect to see a 362 bhp plug-in hybrid Touareg R entering the market soon. The powerful 3.0-litre petrol is the pick of the range, and its eight-speed automatic transmission is exceptionally smooth. It’ll also do 0-62 mph in 5.9 seconds, making it the fastest model in the line-up.

What you'll find in the Volkswagen Touareg

Our Design Rating8 / 10

The Touareg shares the same architecture and platform as Porsche, so it benefits from a sharp, contemporary style you don’t find on all VWs. It’s certainly not a small vehicle and a quick look at the dimensions shows it to be 4.8 metres long, 1.9 metres wide and 1.7 metres tall – so there’s plenty of space on offer here. 19-inch alloy wheels are available as an option and add a little more flair to the elegant exterior.

Comfort and interiors in the Volkswagen Touareg

Our Comfort Rating8 / 10

Not only is it refined on the outside, but the Touareg’s interior is draped in high-end luxury too. Its leather seating complements the neat blend of leather and metallic trim along its dashboard. There’s plenty of legroom in the front and rear cabin, but keep in mind there’s no seven-seat option. As a result, you can permanently enjoy 810 litres of boot space with the seats up, and if you fold them down this will increase to 1,800 litres. The raised seating means you can enjoy a panoramic view beyond the windscreen while sitting behind the wheel.

Blue Volkswagen Toureg interior

What features you'll find in the Volkswagen Touareg

Our Features Rating9 / 10

Competing successfully in this heavyweight division of cars requires constant ingenuity and innovation. The newest Touareg delivers its latest in tech accessories in what VW calls its Innovision Cockpit and, currently, nothing in class comes close to this feature. The system involves a pair of screens running from the speedometer all the way across the dash – essentially, where other cars have two screens, VW has stitched them together to make one giant screen. Its touchscreen closely resembles the precision and quick response of your smartphone. This also means that the cabin is minimal and clutter-free – an elegant solution that few rivals have thought of.

What fuel efficiency to expect from the Volkswagen Touareg

Our Fuel Consumption Rating7 / 10

As you might expect, a large family SUV is likely to be a little more thirsty than your average saloon. Its diesel V6 delivers the best fuel economy at approximately 35 mpg and emits 223 g/km of CO2. Another welcome feature from VW is the Eco-mode – a standard inclusion in the Touareg’s eight-speed automatic transmission. If you’d like to move away from diesel options, then the petrol V6 your best bet. It will deliver a respectable 26 mpg and emit 263 g/km of CO2. The figures for the latest plug-in hybrid are yet to be authenticated in Europe, but after a successful provisional release in China and then Germany, we can expect it to instantly jump to the top of VW’s eco-friendly list.

Running costs of the Volkswagen Touareg

Our Cost Rating7 / 10

It’s unusual to hear of large-scale call-backs from German manufacturers, so on the rare occasion that a problem arises they respond to it very quickly. Volkswagen certainly prides itself on its reliable engineering – it’s built a brand on it. The Touareg, therefore, borrows a number of components previously tried and tested across its range, so reliability in that respect should be good. Depending on your trim of choice, it’s quite reasonable to insure and get road-ready. It’s in category 36 – 43 insurance group, and a service every twelve months should keep your Touareg in check.

Our verdict of the Volkswagen Touareg

4.5 rating

4.5 / 5 Gumtree rating

In a saturated market of high-end SUVs, the Touareg pivots into a position all of its own, offering families a luxury experience that its rivals are yet to match.