Peugeot 207 Review

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4.0 rating

In production between 2006 and 2012, the Peugeot 207 is a small hatch with stylish good looks and peppy engines available in both diesel and petrol power. There’s a huge number of trim levels on offer, including the sporty GTi, which rivals the top specs of the Clio and Corsa. Its safety features are top class, achieving an excellent five-star rating in the Euro NCAP safety tests. Superseded by the 208, the Peugeot 207 was one of the most popular small hatchbacks in its heyday, so you should find some great little motors at an affordable price on the market.

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What we think about the Peugeot 207

The 207 has distinctive styling and plenty of flair, ensuring that it still looks as fresh as the day it was produced.



Excellent handling


Fun to drive


High safety rating


Tight rear legroom

Five-speed gearbox is a little fiddly

The 207 has something for everyone, with over 25 trims on offer during its production. For drivers after green credentials, the Oxygo is an eco-friendly model with less than 100 g/km in emissions. If a sporty look and feel is more your style, then the GTi certainly deserves its hot-hatch status. As well as the standard hatch, you’ll also find it in a cabriolet and small estate.

Driving performance of the Peugeot 207

Our Driving Rating8 / 10

You’ll have a comfortable and stable drive in the 207 thanks to a great suspension that’s able to absorb all the normal lumps and bumps on the road. There’s very little body roll around corners and the chassis feels strong and pleasantly weighty. Another major benefit is that the light steering helps to make parking a breeze and tight manoeuvring a stress-free experience. Where it does lack a little is with the five-speed gearbox, which isn’t as responsive as some of its rivals.

Safety and reliability of the Peugeot 207

Our Safety Rating8 / 10

Safety was obviously a key consideration when the 207 was designed, as it has some great features as standard and achieved the maximum five-stars in the Euro NCAP safety tests. There’s ABS and various airbags to help protect you in the event of an accident. You’ll also find two Isofix child seat anchor points as well as strong side and front impact protection. If you go for a GT or GTi, you’ll have the added benefits of an electronic stability programme that can aid handling in slippery conditions.

Under the bonnet of the Peugeot 207

Our Engine Rating8 / 10

For nipping around town and the occasional motorway trip, the 1.4-litre with 75 bhp or 95 bhp will give you a satisfying performance. You might want to trade up to the 1.6-litre for more bhp if you’re regularly doing long journeys, as there’s less strain when reaching top speeds. If you’re after hot hatch performance then the GTi 1.6-litre 175 bhp engine is definitely the pick for you, reaching 0-60 in just under seven seconds. When it comes to the diesel offering, the 1.6-litre is a strong performer, and you’ll have noticeably more pulling power than the 1.4-litre when on the open road.

What you'll find in the Peugeot 207

Our Design Rating7 / 10

Available as a three-door or five-door, the 207’s design was based on a modified version of the platform used for the Citroen C3. Still modern looking despite being out of production, it features a lot of Peugeot’s most popular styling such as a large sloped bonnet, angular headlights and a striking front grille. In 2009, the 207 received a modest facelift including a new, slightly smaller, grille design, as well as new front lighting, fog lamp housing, and LEDs on the rear.

Comfort and interiors in the Peugeot 207

Our Comfort Rating7 / 10

Travelling in the front of the 207 is a pleasant experience; it’s roomy enough for even tall adults and there’s good adjustment for the driver’s seat and steering wheel. In the back, however, it’s only really suitable for smaller people – if you have young kids you should be fine. The dash has clear instrument dials and nice chrome finishes that give it a premium-quality feel. Front electric windows, remote locking and power-assisted steering all come as standard. For extra tech, go for one of the upper trim levels such as the GTi and you’ll get features such as parking sensors and cruise and climate control.

black peugeot 207 dashboard

What features you'll find in the Peugeot 207

Our Features Rating7 / 10

For an affordable car of this age, you’ll get some surprisingly mod cons on even the standard trims, including electric heated mirrors and front fog lights. Go for the popular Allure and above and you’ll also have the added kerb appeal of alloy wheels and a panoramic sunroof. Inside, you’ll find Bluetooth and MP3 connectivity, a CD player and the optional extras of leather trim, sports seats and electric rear windows. Body colour bumpers can be found on the sportier models like the Sport, SE and GT.

What fuel efficiency to expect from the Peugeot 207

Our Fuel Consumption Rating8 / 10

If efficiency is a top priority, go with the 1.4-litre HDi, as this does 64 mpg and emits 117 g/km of CO2, making it one of the best options on the market for its class and age. There’s little difference with the diesel models, as you’ll also get great fuel economy, achieving 62.7 mpg and just 120 g/km CO2 emissions. Fuel efficiency drops to 39 mpg for the powerful GTi – although that’s still very respectable for such a punchy 175 bhp engine.

Running costs of the Peugeot 207

Our Cost Rating8 / 10

The insurance groups for the 207 range between 5-27, so if you go for one of the smallest engines, you can expect your annual premium to be pretty cheap. CO2 emissions across the range are relatively low, too, with the eco-friendly Oxygo model emitting less than 100 g/km and currently rated at £0 annual road tax. Parts and servicing costs will be in line with similar-sized cars, so there shouldn’t be any costly surprises. If you’re choosing an older model, be sure to take note of its service history and the condition of big-ticket items such as the clutch and cam belt.

Our verdict of the Peugeot 207

4.0 rating

4 / 5 Gumtree rating

The 207 is an attractive choice with classy styling both inside and out. It's a great all-rounder, offering excellent handling and affordable options for first-time buyers and more discerning drivers alike.