Late 20s, house-proud couple & lovable pup, looking for a new home, Open to all kinds of spaces

Sorry, this ad is no longer available.

Hello lovely landlords/flatsharers of Brighton!

I'm looking for a new home for myself and my well-behaved, lovable little Jack Russell - my boyfriend tours a lot with his bands, but he needs a home when he's in town too!

We're both 27. I teach piano, singing and yoga, and also freelance in communications and schools, from time to time. We are super house-proud, easy going and very interested in sustainable living.

Open to all kinds of spaces, rooms, studios, lofts, bedsits, garages, attics, boats, units, sheds etc. We'd love to have an outdoor patch if possible, for growing a few potted veg & herbs (and getting out to read a book in the sun!), though this isn't a deal breaker. A half decent kitchen would be nice (love to cook!), and parking would be a bonus. We are also open to short-term lets/house-sitting too!

Our dog is a wonderful quirky chap, house-trained and friendly. Us humans are alright too.

If you know of a home that might be good for us to rent/share, please drop me a line. We have somewhere lovely to stay for the mean time, so aren't in a massive hurry, but can be flexible on timing to suit. We can provide references too!

Take care & keep smiling. And many thanks for your help! = )

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