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Bookkeeping & Finance (Simple Self-Study Course).

(Train yourself to be a QBE)

To be qualified and eligible to be categorised as a Financial Accountant, External or Internal Auditor; Any interested individual or student who is seeking a career in the field of Finance should master the double entry system, i.e. initially by practice as a BOOKKEEPER or at the inception stage.
This self study course is not only targeted for the novice of the trade, but also for Accountancy students and individuals who are already employed as Accounts Assistant , Purchase Ledger Clerk , Sales Ledger Clerk, Administration Assistant and other Admin employees, Who continually re-perform tasks each and every day with no idea of the purpose and the implication of their duties, To help build their potential abilities to proceed further in their career or in finding competitive jobs which can make anyone put their training into practice and unleash you knowledge with no fear to better your chances in earning that you deserve .

Being a proper Bookkeeper –

This entails you to learn and master the double entry process and all the books of PRIME entry (Very Vital as it is known). Or carry out duties in Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, and Payroll...etc.
As most of us have prepared accounts at schooling days, entering transactions in T ledgers and extracting trial balances and Statements, it is very implausible that you would be applying theses with your future employer, unlike the years before in the 1990’s, where the bookkeepers factually maintained books of records and updated transactions using a double entry system in ink & paper, present employers seek for employees with knowledge & practice experience in an accountancy package to carry their daily postings and perform reconciliation and make payments to suppliers and wages to staff and perform complex tax calculations.
For the purpose of training; the package you‘ll be using is Sage 50 Professional Financial controller edition (Full Version for training Purpose). Those who are experienced in any other package may also apply, bearing in mind that all accounting software contains the same function with the same 3 main Ledgers, and which might only have a different user interface, I have chosen Sage for the benefit of the learner to simplify the accounting process and to the trainee’s advantage which provides a better understanding & a quicker absorption rate.
The good news is once you have mastered in the bookkeeping side of a business you’ll be able to take up position as an Accountant, in which you will be able to set up a bookkeeping system for a business, monitor it, and interpret the results, Simple as that.
A bookkeeping system includes the processes of

Core Modules

Accounts receivable—where the company enters money received
Accounts payable—where the company enters its bills and pays money it owes
General ledger—the company's "books"
Billing—where the company produces invoices to clients/customers
Stock/Inventory—where the company keeps control of its inventory
Purchase Order—where the company orders inventory
Sales Order—where the company records customer orders for the supply of inventory
Cash Book—where the company records collection and payment

Non Core Modules

Debt Collection—where the company tracks attempts to collect overdue bills (sometimes part of accounts receivable)
Electronic payment processing
Expense—where employee business-related expenses are entered
Inquiries—where the company looks up information on screen without any edits or additions
Payroll—where the company tracks salary, wages, and related taxes
Reports—where the company prints out data
Timesheet—where professionals (such as attorneys and consultants) record time worked so that it can be billed to clients
Purchase Requisition—where requests for purchase orders are made, approved and tracked.

The Cost of the Training is merely £400 per applicant
Once you have purchased the training course,
Stages of Training Materials will be sent by post to your address, all trainees are required to have access to a computer for this purpose and a minimum dedication time of two hours per stage. Before requesting the next stage trainees have to complete and submit reports of your prior tasks or correspond with queries or difficulties in understanding if any.

Contents of the Course
Due to shortage of Advertising space the details of the course and the Contents in all of the 6 stages can be emailed on request

email queries to aandaassociates at
or call Adam on 07562126361

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