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Saltire Motorcycle Rider Training

Saltire now has one of the highest first time pass rates in the country.

With a philosophy of raising the standard to live up to, our instructors pride themselves in ensuring every pupil is given the care, time and attention necessary to enable a 1st time pass.

It’s not only down to the quality of instruction though; we have a policy of renewing the training school bikes every 6 months.

We offer a range of training options: COMPULSARY BASIC TRAINING (CBT). This is the first step for all motorcyclists where topics covered include advice on safety equipment and clothing, basic care and maintenance of the motorcycle, correct use of the controls and ultimately, road safety skills and techniques.

If you want to remove your L plates, carry pillion-passengers and make use of the motorway network, you could opt for a full license under the DIRECT ACCESS SCHEME (DAS), which would allow anyone over the age of 21 to ride any type or size of motorcycle.

Alternatively, the A1 light motorcycle test, would allow those over the age of 17 to ride a maximum 125cc motorcycle; or the A2 restricted motorcycle test, for those over the age of 17 who may want to ride a motorcycle with a bigger engine capacity than 125cc while accepting that the engine’s power output must be restricted to maximum 25kw/33bhp for two years (at the end of which, the license would automatically become unrestricted and the engine’s full-power can be restored).

Quality instruction + quality equipment = highest chances for a no fuss first time pass.

Learning to ride with Saltire opens up a whole host of benefits that you won’t find from any other dealership in the land, and simply can’t get from a stand-alone training school.

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