Massage Therapy for Arthritis Sufferers

Near Tain
1095 days ago


Can massage benefit Arthritis/Osteoarthritis sufferers?

As a professional masseur I have found that many of my clients have benefitted from massage. It can help with arthritis in two ways. First, it can reduce muscle pain that is usually caused by spasms. Second, it increases your body’s ability to produce endorphins which reduces pain.

How does massage help?

There are really two issues with massage therapy as it relates to arthritis. The first is what it accomplishes. That is, that massage helps the arthritis sufferer by loosening up the joints. Namely, in the muscles and ligaments that break up the adhesions that slow or hinder motion. And, when gentle joint stretching is done it can actually stimulate the production of synovial fluid which acts as a cushion. This reduces inflammation and pain.

Frequency of the therapy

Like all therapies, this requires some attention to repeating to make it most effective. After the first visit you should get some relief. But, to get the most out of massage therapy you really need to have a treatment on a regular basis. The best schedule seems to be seeing a therapist once a week for about a month and thereafter, once a month should keep you on track.

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I can visit the less mobile but may have to make an additional charge to cover my expenses.

I do my best to see suffers with 24 to 36 hours and can sometimes see clients on the same day.

Please remember that this is a non-sexual service and I offer treatments to both Ladies and Gentlemen.

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