No Experience Needed, CASH IN HAND OPTION,Part/Full time MASSAGE/BEAUTY THERAPIST, Apply now!

Neasden, London
Part Time
39 days ago
£47 per hour to £65 per hour
Uber massage London
16 Nov 2020
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Direct Employer

Uber massage London

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Our company will help you from A to Z.

We trained more than 3000 Holistic and Beauty therapists, some still working with us, some have their beauty business in their home, some others open a clinic, you are able to manage your finance with our life time support.

We will help you to become a therapists and also provide you a platform to find your clients and financially become independent.

Having been in this industry for 8 years, we understand your needs and your barriers.

Our team will successfully remove all the possible obstacles for you to becoming a successful therapist.

You can click the link on this page and watch applicants like you who have become therapists.

THERE IS NO BUSINESS IN THE WORLD LIKE THIS, which enables you to earn £50 to £100 in one hour after three days training.

We provide you with a booking and a job platform, your page will be visited by all London users, and they can book you, pay you, leave a rating, or give you a testimonial to encourage other visitors to book you.

When you become a therapist, you will be able to build your client base where you will be able to charge from £47.00 or more per hour. This price is for a MOBILE Massage therapist.

∙ 90% of our booking is or will end up at 1.5 hours, which is £95.00.

∙ We will deduct only 30% commission for each reservation.

∙ With us, you will have a lot of opportunities to create a high-end network of clients for yourself, and from there, you will gradually get lots of bookings.

Some of the advantages are:

✓ You will work whenever and wherever you want

✓ Cash in hand or to your account; you can choose to get cash from client or part cash part online payment.

✓ We will create an "online profile" for you through which anyone can book and pay you.

✓ Free photoshoot, testimonial, and rating

✓ No boss, no one to order you on what to do, and no workplace bully anymore

✓ Free booking system

✓ Relax, clean, and high-class position

✓ Accredited certificate with Guild International Training

✓ Constant contact with wealthy clients, which will allow you to create a high-end network of clients and friends

We want to invite you for an introductory interview; it takes place in our modern office in London NW10 Park Royal.

Please note that only if your interview is successful will you be able to join the company, where you can have a successful career as a therapist.

With only four bookings per week, you will be on your way to earning good money.

The rate for regular mobile massage therapy in London starts from:

1 Hour £48- £100 (T&C's applies)

1.5 Hours £95- £130 (T&C's applies)

2 Hours £100-£150 (T&C applies)

All the tips and any extra work you do will be yours, which

means that with 8 to 10 bookings per week, you can earn an AVERAGE of £2000 - £3000 per month; most of that is cash in hand.

You will make your money from each booking you get.

How much can you potentially earn? It depends on the following criteria:

1- Your customer service.

2- Your availability.

3- Your flexibility with the client's needs.

4- The distance you are willing to travel.

5- Whether you are selective or not?

6- Your skills.

7- Your Charming / Pleasant personality.

We have a therapist who has only one booking per day, but some others have five or even eight reservations in "ONE DAY," so their earnings are around £200- £700 PER DAY!

It is hard to believe for some of you, but it is happening in London, and we will show you how!

Please note that these are offers that will not last forever. We also reserve the right to refuse some applications.


Please click the link below and book your appointment:

[Note: Our booking (marketing) platform is an informative one, and it allows users to book you if your interviews are successful. We will create your online profile for FREE. WE HAVE MANY FREE SERVICES, BUT YOU MUST PAY FOR SOME OF THEM if you want to learn Massage Therapy. WE WILL TELL YOU THE DETAILS AT THE INTRODUCTION MEETING. Our advice and introductory presentation are FREE, and there is no obligation from your part].

[General job, Immediate start, No experience needed, cash in hand, Extra cash, Parttime- full time, evening and weekend, Flexible hours, massage therapists, anywhere in London].

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Uber massage London

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