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VW Golf MK3 GTI Anniversary 2.0 8v 1997

Forest Town, Nottinghamshire £2,450.00
179 days ago
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This regrettable listing is for my VW Golf MK3 GTI Anniversary 2.0 8v. I am forced to sell my beloved GTI due to financial demands of moving out from the family home and getting my own place. Anyway, enough of the sob story and on to the car... My Anni was originally bought from Munn & Chapman Chalfont Bucks Station Garage and has had three previous owner's since rolling out of that garage on 27/01/1997. There is a robust service history including receipts of parts and labour documented by the previous owners and myself. My Anni has been fortunate to have quite a charmed life and has wanted for nothing. 12 Months MOT NO ADVISORIES. Apologies for quality of the photos!


The car is arguably the best colour (Black Magic Pearl) and benefits from the original GTI sports trim, VR6 front splitter (only included on the VR6 and GTI Anniversary models) and it's original 16" BBS RX2 alloys (since fully refurbished). I bought my Anni over two years ago in a respectable condition for its age. In my opinion, it required a few relatively minor jobs to turn back the clock and make it shine again. This involved a front end (bumper and bonnet) respray, as well as the rear bumper which had seen a few battle scars over the years. The car was and continues to be rot free (it took me a long time to find a MK3 without rusty arches and sills). To ensure that it remained rot free, I had all four wheel arches cleaned and rust protected. I was not happy with the condition of the sill covers, so they were scrapped and replaced with brand new (original) ones and the metal beneath rust protected. Furthermore, the whole underside of the car has been under-sealed. MOT testers delight at seeing such a clean and protected example. The car suffered from some slight paint contamination on the bottom of the driver's door, so this was stripped back to metal, treated and painted. All four door hinges have been replaced (both sides) and painted. In terms of replacement parts, the front splitter has been replaced with a genuine part (old one had a few cracks) and the front grille and boot badges have been replaced with genuine VW black variatints (preferred over the chrome versions). The general condition of the bodywork is extremely good for its age, I would argue above average; especially for a MK3. The most expensive purchase I have made in one transaction were the wheels - original BBS RX2s (the rarer 7j ones) were taken to Nottingham Wheel Specialists to be stripped, sand blasted, powder coated and rebuilt. The lips are chrome and the spokes gunmetal. The new bolts for these two piece wheels were shipped over from Germany. The tyres are almost brand new Pirelli P1s. The alloys have also benefited from three coats of a ceramic coating for protection, I have been told that this will last years. The wing mirror covers have been professionally hydrodipped in a marble splash design using a Mars Red basecoat. I have fitted rare Hella Black rear light clusters in replacement of the GTI ones.


The GTI benefits from all the rare Anniversary trim, such as the Edition seats, gear knob, handbrake, steering wheel and red seat belts. The original Anniversary car mats are also included. The interior is in excellent condition and I truly cannot fault it. When I bought the car, it was suffering from a sagging headlining. I had the headlining professionally retrimmed in an OEM black material and at the same time, replaced all of the cream/grey interior plastics with a black VR6 Highline set (no awful spray job as is often seen). The sun visors and sunroof switch were also replaced with black ones. The black sunroof switch was removed from a Corrado and cost me an arm and a leg. I feel that this complements the GTI/Anniversary styling and offers and cleaner and sportier look. A multimedia and satnav system has been fitted in place of the original Sony CD stereo, which is included with the purchase if you wish to be totally original. As mentioned, the car has an electric sunroof which is fully functioning. There is a very minor fault with the speedo-clocks whereby when the handbrake is on, the handbrake light flickers occasionally as opposed to being a solid colour, but this is intermittent. I have been told that it may be a bulb inside the clocks, luckily a pull-out type rather than one that is soldered on. However, I was recently informed by a VW specialist that the clocks could be faulty, so in anticipation of fixing it I have purchased a refurbished set of original Anni clocks which are included in the sale; on fitting these will need the correct mileage coding.


As illustrated in the photos, the engine bay is extremely clean and benefits from a few alterations, such as 7mm red HT leads and Porsche oil, coolant and washer bottle caps. The rocker cover has been colour coded Black Magic Pearl to match the car, as well as colour coded bonnet lifters for ease of access. I have also had some of the trim hydrodipped in the same design as the wing mirror covers, including the PCV cover, cambelt cover and Scirocco top mount covers. An aluminium battery cover has been fabricated to fit the battery neatly. Approximately 1000 miles ago a reconditioned cylinder head was fitted along with a new head gasket, head bolts, cambelt and supporting belts. The bottom end of the end is in excellent condition with no issues (enthusiasts will know that the AGG engine is pretty bullet proof). The car has a robust service history and was serviced regularly by myself with VW oil. A K&N performance air filter has been fitted, which was cleaned and re-oiled at the last service. As a matter of principle, the power steering and gearbox oil have been changed. Approximately 500 miles ago the brake fluid was replaced. The car did suffer from a leaky radiator, so it has been replaced with an aluminium Hella model. The car also suffered from a blowing exhaust system, so I went overboard and fitted a full stainless steel Jetex system (2.5") including a stainless steel middle silencer. I tried a straight system but found it too loud for my taste. This includes a decat-pipe, but the original catalytic converter is included with the sale. At the time the cylinder head was replaced, a Raceland stainless steel exhaust manifold (4-2-1) was fitted (this included the downpipe). The result is a wonderful and deep exhaust note that does not drone. My next improvement would have been a high-lift cam.

General Repairs:

Other than what has already been mentioned, my Anni has experienced a few minor issues which have all been fixed. This has included a new coolant temperature sensor, new lambada sensors, replacement rear wheel bearings (the passenger side could do with a new stub axle next time), new anti-roll bar buses, replacement driver's side suspension arm (including bushes), new suspension drop links... The car suffered with a broken suspension spring at the rear, so I took the opportunity to replace all four shock absorbers with an Eibach kit, which included 35mm springs. This has greatly improved the look of the stance and transformed the handling. Also, the two front outer CV joints have been replaced with new gaiters etc. The last MOT revealed rotten rear brake pipes - the tester recommended that I re-grease them for next time. Instead, I had copper variants fabricated and fitted for peace of mind. The car has also suffered with the dreaded fuel pump and ECU relay failure. I have replaced both these relays since with no issues. I also keep a spare fuel pump relay in the car just as a precaution which will be included. I do not suppose that the new one will fail, but better to be safe than sorry. I have replaced the coolant expansion tank (purely for looks) as well as a couple of the radiator hoses that were cracked. I have also replaced the automatic clutch cable with a MK2 GTI manual one, which meant that I was able to adjust the cable to get the feeling of the clutch pedal to my liking; these are also far more reliable that the automatic ones. However, I have a brand new automatic cable which will be included with the sale if you prefer this option. The brakes have never needed touching in my ownership, I believe that the previous owner had replaced discs and pads (plenty of meat left). Soon after I bought the Anni, I noticed that gear changes were very sloppy, which was diagnosed as worn gear linkages. These have since all been replaced with new bushes etc including a short-shifter kit for quicker gear changes. The windshield has been replaced a few months back due to a massive stone chip and crack. All the wiper blades are practically brand new with Bosch variants. Last winter a new Bosch battery was fitted.

While I have most likely forgotten some details, I hope that this listing reflects my care and attention towards my Anni. I have tried to be as descriptive and honest as possible, but this car really needs to be viewed to be appreciated. While the sale is reluctant, I am not asking too much money for the car and there is always room for reasonable negotiation. Ideally, I would like to sell to a genuine enthusiastic who will look after the Anni, hence me including all the extra bits and pieces for the buyer's convenience. Contact via my mobile will be preferable on 07473170620, generally by text at first as I cannot answer my phone at work. Feel free to text me day or night. Please do not send any messages asking about breaking the car or to give insulting offers. I will accept a deposit of £100 to secure the car and will require cash on collection. Thank you very much for viewing :-)

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