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Contact biggus


Posting for 5+ years

Looking for backing singer

Camberwell, London


Posting for 5+ years

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Contact biggus


25 days ago



My name is Francis and I am looking for background singers to put a group/duo together to eventually play some acoustic gigs. I only care about how well we get on with each other and not about experience.

Please check out my youtube channel to have a listen to my style (I do my own versions of songs). I may not be for everybody so please check me out before sending a message.

To listen to my channel, just click the video that is this ad, should open up on youtube if you click the video title, from there you can go to my channel and listen to other songs. Thank you

When messaging please state 4 or 5 songs that you like of mine that you feel you can sing along to. Will not reply to anyone who doesn't do this as it would be too problematic (it's always good to have a good base to start off with). If you have a link to your stuff feel free to share

Note. 90s, 80s, folk is more along the songs I do... no 2000s, no Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift, Beyonce or anything like that sorry : (.

Thank you


(extra information about myself if you would like to know more)
I am an introverted individual, don't really enjoy being around negative people. Prefer to solve than to complain. I don't do covers the way people normally do them, I prefer to arrange them differently. People tend to enjoy my covers but I understand that I may not be for everybody. Used to go to open mics a lot back in the day but not so much now, I miss the feeling of singing songs together with people and having fun.

Ad ID: 1479708057