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Posting for 10+ years

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This is S & K Law Solicitors, a solicitor firm in England and Wales.

We know difficult times are ahead and around for those who are not yet settled in the UK. The UK immigration, employment, family, and social welfare benefit systems are getting tighter and tougher as stringent rules are looming overhead. Having said that, whatever it takes, we need to get over it together. We only can overcome, if we are committed and do our best.

We have been dealing with various immigration, employment, and welfare benefits matters including Asylum application and Humanitarian Protection issues over the period of the last 10 years that includes Home Office applications, benefits advice and appeals, and Judicial Reviews.

We deal with the following matters:

1) Asylum and protection cases from start to finish. Employment and Benefit general advise letter writings and preparation of documents etc.

2) Immigration consultation for overstayers and ways to stay lawful in the UK

3) Human rights applications, Child and family life in the UK

4) EU immigration issues that cover both pre-Brexit and post-Brexit issues including spouse and family applications.

5) Extension of Stay in the UK

6) 10 and 20 years Long Residency cases

7) Indefinite leave to remain and British Citizenship

8) Visit visa and Fiance visa

9) Spouse and dependent's entry clearance visa

10) Spouse and dependent's leave to remain visa

11) Tier 1, 2 (work permit), 4 (student), and 5 visa applications and extensions of Stay in the UK;

Please feel free to call us for 10 minutes free consultations or alternatively text us on the number provided and we will be happy to get back as soon as we can.

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