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Contact June


Posting for 2+ years

Your partner or friend cancelled on your booked holiday?

Blackheath, London


Posting for 2+ years

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Contact June


25 days ago


You can contact me if your partner or friend cancelled on your booked holiday with you, so you are looking for a travel partner as otherwise their place that's already been paid for goes to waste. I could be that replacement traveller coming with you after your wifie/hubby/buddy pulled out on you.


1. You must be a 100% nonsmoker travel partner.

2. You can be M or F travel partner.

3. Being compatible travel partners for holidaying together is about having a mind that is open to changing and treating a travelling companion and locals with respect.

(In one of my past hols, I saw British holidaymakers repeatedly complaining to staff about the rules of the country far away that we were in. I really felt like to say something to them, to at least stop making us Brits look bad while abroad. When we are visitors and they have welcomed us, we ought to be respectful to them.)

4. You don't have to speak several languages, have taxpayer-funded research degrees or be a listener of File on Four or Moral Maze and alike, but please note that I have never watched Love Island and don't know about some Kim long-name star kind of TV programmes about people who are famous for being famous.

(Having said that, if you want to watch a film with me in the hotel room while we are on holiday together as travel partners, would you please not put it at such a loud-level volume in that it makes me to worry that it can disturb guests in adjoining rooms and we'd get complaints from the hotel management? This is the kind of things that I would not like to have to come across in a travel partner. Hope you are someone who can be considerate for other people around us while on holidays if we become travel partners.)

5. Do not contact me with dating propositions such as asking me whether I have a bf or asking for my photo, as you'd be blocked. (Have you asked yourself why you are alone and miserable? Just look at yourself and how you do things. Look at how you treat women. No wonder they stay away from you. Perhaps now is the time you start to address your issues by seeking help?)


I am a professional woman based in London and the North. I often work hard - so hard in that holidays are hard to come by. But I do make time for genuine friends, and while on holidays, I am easy-going and respectful to locals, to my companions, and to service providers.

I am a gentle and sweet person with smiles in plentiful while on holidays with my travel partners. If one can't appreciate such qualities, it means that they've chosen to part ways, and what comes will be what it is. I stay away from rude and aggressive people or from those who are ungrateful or with issues that manifest in ways that get me to be worried. If I have to run, that's what I will do.

As I am a woman, I cannot share a hotel room with a man. If you are a woman, we will see about accommodation. If you are a man and you had booked a double bed hotel room and now your partner can't make it any more, we can see if the tour operator that you booked with can provide separate bedrooms, else we could just change the name to mine and I arrange my own accommodation but come with you on your booked flights and spend time with you as travel companions exploring the destination city and country and local sightseeing together.


If your partner or friend that you were booked to go on a holiday cannot make it anymore so you are now looking for a replacement travel partner, please write to me with full details including the destination, dates, which airline, which hotel/resort, what type of accommodation, which UK departing airport, airport transfer is included or not, breakfast is included in hotel or not, half board or self-catering accommodation, any optional paying activities you have in mind and how much they cost, any costs to be incurred from the part of the replacement travel partner that you are looking for to change the name of the booked flight/hotel...

And, please also tell me something about you including your gender, location in the UK, something about you in your own words, who was the person who was booked to go on a holiday with you but can't make it anymore and why...

Please don't send a 1-liner. I won't respond to such messages. Please write properly. If you do the above, you will hear from me, and that is guaranteed.

Thank you.

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