FireWire ElFuego Fish Surfboard 6’1”

Albany Road, Cardiff


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2 days ago


FireWire ElFuego Fish Surfboard 6’1”. Excellent wave catcher and cracking surfboard turns on a six pence and flies down the line.

Comes with Creatures surfboard bag, tail grip pad and a couple of sets of Fins. You have the FCS Kelly Slater K-3 x3 fin set up and the Quad FCS x4 Fin set. So you can have a play and see what you like.

There’s a couple of dings been professionally repaired, one on the nose and one near the fin. They were done straight away and all sealed etc. Also when I had it repaired I got them to put an camera plug mount in the nose too, for a secure camera fitting.

Cracking board used and loved but no time with family and getting too old for the board now. Grab a bargain.

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