World Wide 100 Push-Ups Challenge

Springburn, Glasgow
66 days ago


🇬🇧 Heroexplore Challenge - £ 10

Are you ready for a big Adventure ? Do you want to achieve something unforgetable ?
Do you feel sometimes, that you won't be able to achieve something ?
Have you gone through hard times, when you needed all your strenght in order to get through something ?
Do you need a boost for your confidence or for your physical endurance ?

The registration fee for the challenge is £10 which you can pay to the following PayPal account:

Once we see the payment arrived onto the account, you will see yourself added to the challenge and you are ready to start.

This is a challenge that requires for you to be able to get 100 pushups done on one go by a certain date. We will give you enough time for you to build it up to that level.

Then register for this International Challenge, so you can put yourself on trial !

The Heroexplore Challenge is organised by Heroexplore Scuba Divers & Adventurers Sports Club. The challenge is a global challenge and we would like to encourage everyone to take part in it from all over the world and also invite your friends or family members to participate. The more, the merrier !

There are no borders as regards to which country you're from, everyone is welcome to join, except if you are a professional in the subject. It wouldn't be fair to people, who are just starting on this to compete with professionals, who are already at this level.
But you are still welcome to challenge your friends, family members ang get them to compete instead of you.

You will encounter obstacles in your mind and body though, which you will have to overcome and we will post how everyone is doing in order to keep you encouraged and give you incentive to keep going.

The Challenge is divided into three different age groups, so that age and fitness is not a disadvantage for example for older aged competitors versus younger competitors.

The age groups are as follows:
first group: between 18 and 30 years of age,
second group: between 31 and 45 years of age,
and the third group 46 years onwards.

This is how the Challenge goes:

Until the 15th of February 2017 we will take down all the names of participants, including age, gender and country you are from.

Up until this date, we will ask everyone to invite as many people (friends and family) as they can in order to get them to start the challenge on time.

The Challenge starts exactly on the 15th of February 2017. You can still enter the competition after this date, but you will have to make up the time lost in between.

The Challenge will end on the 25th of May, which is exactly 100 days from the start, that will give you enough time to build it up slowly until you get to doing 100 pushups in one go.

The participants, if they reached a certain level, are required to make a live video on their facebook page (as live videos will not be able to change or cut) and post them on the heroexplore page for evidence.

The live video must contain the following as a description of the live video (please copy paste this at each live video):

Join us: #heroexplore #challenge #2017
Facebook page: heroexplore
Name: your name here, Age group: ... Nr.of pushups:...

Note: your live video setting must be public, so it can be shared onto our page.

For example, if you are able to do 20 pushups and once you post the video with 20 pushups as a proof, and we will authorise it, your name will be entered onto a list with the 20 pushups. After this you can only post live videos, that show higher number of pushups as evidence.

Each time your name is registered onto a list, depending how many pushups you did. The first person completing the 100 pushups in a certain age group, will be in the first place in that age group, so at the end we will have three age groups with winners of first place, second place and third place.

The winners will be announced as soon as they posted evidence and their live video goes online and when the competition officially ends, all winners will be announced again, as a final celebration within their respective age groups.

The first, second and third place winners of each age group will be invited to go on holiday either in Budapest, Hungary or Glasgow, Scotland, for a weekend to spend, with tour and accommodation for three nights included (excluding flights and food & drinks), also you can bring other family members or friends for an extra cost.

Dates of holidays to be arranged with the Organisers. In addition the first place winners get a one day First Aid, CPR & AED course wowcher with globally recognised certificate that they either use for themselves or they can give it to someone they want.

Holidays and courses won need to be done in the same year (2017). All winners will get further 10% discounts on our CPR/First Aid courses, guided tours, accommodations, Scuba Diving courses in the next two years to come.

Please note! In case that nobody reaches the level of doing 100 pushups, we will still have winners of the people doing the most amount of pushups by the end of the Challenge, by age group, first, second and third place winners.

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