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Mixed team sport - for all abilities

37 days ago


Softball is a sibling of rounders and baseball. In a nutshell, it involves:

- two teams of people equally as determined to wear their favourite glove

- a softball (which is in fact hard) that is thrown underarm (technically pitched) by a pitcher (who may or may not contain beer) towards a person on another team.

- a bat. Quite lightweight and made from an alloy metal of some sort.

- a hitter. The person on the receiving end of the pitch is called a hitter, and they try to hit the ball. They first watch the ball carefully to determine whether it'll pass over the plate (sadly lacking chips). A legal pitch will pass over the plate - don't let this detail put you off! So, when either the ball or a wasp gets into range, the bat is swung. Sometimes the hit ball flies to the outfield, sometimes the ball just doesn't do what it should - there will probably be another chance to hit the ball. Hitting opponents and umpires isn't allowed.

- gloves. The fielders in the infield and the outfield (the outfield being further away from the hitter) wear a glove - on one hand. Being able to moonwalk isn't a requirement - at the moment. As the ball flies up into the sky, the fielders hope it's not heading anywhere near to them. When the ball safely lands, the fielders look at one another and quickly decide who should run after it. Gloves and the encouragement needed to run after the ball provided!

- bases. There are 3 bases plus the plate, making up a diamond that is square. It's an American sport, okay? It's like the softball being hard...

- running, Whilst the fielders run after the ball, the hitter transforms into a runner! Then run to first base, then second base and then third, before finally running to the home plate - which was just known as the plate when they started (There are still no chips) - and scoring a run.

- Winning. The team with the most runs at the end of the game thinks it's won...

- Pub. In reality, we win because having scored fewer runs, we spend more time in the pub than any other team! :-D

Having read the rules above, you now know enough to join us! Please send us a message and we'll meet you soon!

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