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30 Moving House Hacks You’ve Never Heard Of

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Here at Gumtree, we know that moving can be stressful. Any moving home tips that make life easier have to be a good idea. So how about 30 great ideas? Whether you're moving into a shared flat, bagging your dream home or finally flying the nest, our moving house hacks will help you find the smartest way to move.

🔵 How can I make moving home easier? 🔵

Hack 1: Declutter
One of the top moving day tips has to be to have a good clear-out. What’s the point of moving things you don’t need? Go through furniture, clothes, sports equipment and that junk under your bed. Selling on Gumtree means the chair that’s too big or those bargain boots two sizes too small can go to a new home. This’ll means you’ll have more to spend on that beanbag you’ve always wanted.

Hack 2: The necessities
A great thing about living with other people is you get to share the load. Before you move in, check out what your flatmates already have and what you can bring to the party. Living on your own? Focus on the necessities too. Look around at everything you use. Kettles and toasters are obvious, but don’t forget things like kitchen bins, hoovers, laundry baskets or clothes airers – all easy to find on Gumtree.

Hack 3: Utilities
Unsure what to do when you move into a new house? Put sorting your utilities – all the things you use like water, electricity, gas, heating and Wi-Fi – on your list. Making sure everything is connected and ready to use before you move in saves a lot of hassle on moving day. Don’t forget lightbulbs – some people take these with them when they’re moving out.

Hack 4: Time your move
As far as possible, try to choose a quieter time of the day to move. It’s important to ask the right questions too. Is there is a specific time slot allotted to you? Do you need a parking permit? Where can you pick up the keys? Will anyone be there to do a handover?

Hack 5: Removals
So, how do you arrange a furniture pick up? That depends on your budget and how many mates you can rope in to help. If you have furniture to remove, ask your local charity shop if they can pick it up. Listing it on Gumtree, either for a price or for free, is another great way to free up space.

Hack 6: Measurements
You need sheets and a duvet that are the right size for your bed (single, small double, double or king-size).If your furniture doesn’t fit your new space, put it on Gumtree. We have you covered for replacements.

Hack 7: The checklist
There’s so much to remember when it comes to moving. Why not make or download a moving-out checklist of things you need to do? It’s a great feeling ticking things off as the big day approaches.

🔵 What is the smartest way to move? 🔵

Hack 8: Buy a marker pen
Or even better, get pens in a few different colours. Labelling or colour-coding boxes and bags makes things so much easier to find on moving day. You’re going to need some strong tape too. The bottom dropping out of your TV box is not something anyone wants to see.

Hack 9: Don’t overfill
You’re going to need to lift the boxes and bags. Ramming them full is not the way to go. Though it may seem obvious, putting heavy things on the bottom and lighter ones on top is the best way to pack. It’s better to have lots of lighter boxes than a few that are impossible to move. You can use wheelie bags if you have them.

Hack 10: Don’t lose your bits and bobs
When taking furniture or equipment to pieces, it’s a good idea to put all the screws and fiddly bits in a sandwich bag or those plastic bags they give you at the airport. That way, nothing gets lost.

Hack 11: Storage
When it comes to moving, storage ideas for decluttering your home can help. Look on Gumtree for advice and storage equipment to use under the bed, under the stairs, on top of the wardrobe or in the kitchen and bathroom.

Hack 12: Plate packing
You can use old newspapers and magazines to wrap your plates. Another great tip is to put foam pads between your dishes. Packing plates on their ends rather than flat will also make them less likely to break.

Hack 13: Roll, don’t fold
Rolling clothes takes up less space. If you have clothes that you won’t need immediately, you can use vacuum bags to make them as flat as a pancake.

Hack 14: When is a shoe not a shoe?
When it’s a great place to put jewellery or other small items. You can push them down in shoes and boots, then use balled-up socks to keep them in place.

Hack 15: Save that loo roll tube
Loo roll tubes can be used for your cables and wires. You can either loop them through or wrap them around. Remember to label which cable belongs to which machine.

Hack 16: Photo the back of your telly or monitor
It’s like a spaghetti junction back there. The minute you unplug those wires, your mind goes blank. Taking a photo of where everything plugs in before disconnecting it saves heartache later.

Hack 17: Planet-friendly packing
Instead of bubble wrap, you can use towels, bedding or clothes. Your hoodie collection is going to come in handy here.

Hack 18: Leakages
You can tape tubes and bottle lids to stop them from leaking. It’s best to put them all in the same bag, so if the worst happens, the damage is limited.

Hack 19: Coat hangers
Putting coat hangers in groups of 5 or 6 makes life easier. Hair ties or elastic bands are perfect for keeping them together. When you can, keep your clothes on the hangers. Then you can hang them straight up when you unpack.

Hack 20: Mirrors and picture frames
These can easily break. The key is to pack fragile items upright and not flat. The best way to pack mirrors is to use lots of padding and don’t put anything heavy on top.

Hack 21: Cutlery
An easy way to transport your cutlery is to put it inside your oven gloves or wrap it in tea towels. If you have a cutlery tray, you can leave the cutlery in it and wrap the whole tray.

Hack 22: Herbs and spices
All those little jars can roll around. A handy tip is to put them inside your pots, pans and casserole dishes. Mugs, cups and bowls are also handy hiding spaces.

Hack 23: Mattresses
A fitted sheet or mattress protector on either side of your mattress will keep it clean in transit. It’s much easier to throw them in the wash later than get your mattress cleaned.

🔵 What is the best way to move house? 🔵

Hack 24: Things to keep with you
You’ll want to keep your passport and important documents with you. You should also make sure not to lose sight of essential medication, spare glasses, contact lenses and keys.

Hack 25: Overnight bag
Packing an overnight bag gets you ready for your first night in your new home. You’ll need things like your toothbrush, PJs, dressing gown, slippers and a change of clothes. That way, everything is on hand for your first night.

Hack 26: Survival kit
When you get to your new home, things might be a bit chaotic. That’s where the survival kit comes in. Be it coffee, tea, gin or fizz, having a bag of goodies gets you off to a good start. You should also pack lunch, dinner or snacks – moving is hard work.

Hack 27: Tool kit
You won’t need anything fancy, but having a couple of screwdrivers, a set of Allen keys and some scissors will come in useful.

Hack 28: Food
Apart from supplies for the day and tinned and packet goods, you won’t want to pack food. It’s especially important to avoid anything fresh that’ll easily go off. That gives you the perfect excuse to carb-load and use up what’s in your fridge before the move.

Hack 29: Cleaning
Having a bag of cleaning products ready to hand lets you give the place a quick once over. It’s best to put them in a clear bag or one that’s easy to spot. It’s a comforting way to start making the place your own.

Hack 30: Unpacking
It’s a good idea to think about what to unpack first. It’s all too easy to order a takeaway and put your feet up. Some things can wait a while, but making the bed and unpacking bathroom or kitchen equipment will make you feel instantly at home.

Of all the many moving house hacks out there, one of the most important tips is to stay calm and plan ahead. You don’t want to leave it all to the last minute. You can get ahead of the game by selling your unwanted items on Gumtree.

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