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Cargonaija is the one stop solution when it comes to air freight to Nigeria from the UK. We provide the service of air cargo to Nigeria, car shipping , van shipping as well as sea shipping to Nigeria at affordable rate.

Our price on air and sea shipping to Nigeria is by far the cheapest and that is why we have built a sound reputation here in the UK, China and abroad.

How our Air Cargo Services to Nigeria works.

Make your inquiries by sending us an email or direct phone call
Book your cargo for collection or you can get your cargo delivered to our various drop off centers and offices in the UK or in China.
We will check the weight and send you an invoice for payment
Your cargo will then be flown
On arrival we will send you a text message, whatsapp alert, email notification or even call you to notify you of your cargo arrival in Nigeria .
However, if you opted for door to door delivery, your cargo will be delivered straight to the designated address in Nigeria.

How our Sea shipping to Nigeria Works
Our sea shipping is done by weight, by bag , by dimension , by pallet or by quote depending on the nature of customers freight.
Sea shipping price by weight to Lagos office collection -------------£1.50 per Kg
Sea shipping price by weight door to door delivery Lagos----------- £1.90 per kg
Sea shipping price by weight to Abuja office collection --------------£2.50 per Kg
Sea shipping price by weight door to door delivery Abuja----------- £2.90 per kg
Sea shipping price by weight to office PortHarcourt collection ------£2.50 per Kg
Sea shipping price by weight door to door delivery PortHarcourt---£2.90 per kg

*Sea shipping price to Osun, Oyo, Ogun and Ondo State is £2.20 and this is door delivery service except if the town to deliver to is not easily accessible to vehicles.

Sea shipping by bag
Our other sea shipping method is by bag using a cargo bag or the popular Ghana must go stripy bag . We charge £60 per 50kg bag to Lagos and £80 per bag to PortHarcourt, Abuja and other states in Nigeria and customer is responsible for proper packaging of the bag .

Sea shipping by Dimension
Items such as furniture, Jacuzzi, Fridge and refrigerator, industrial generator, plant and equipment etc are all charge as per dimension .

Sea Shipping by Pallet
Pallet shipping is best for boxes, tiles and other evenly shaped cargo. We charge £550 per standard Euro pallet with size of 110cm by 100 cm by 100cm. We give discount for more than 2 pallets upward.

Sea shipping by Quotation
House content such as oversea relocation shipping to Nigeria are all charged by quote due to space acquired.

20ft and 40ft Container shipping from UK to Nigeria and Container shipping from China to Nigeria .
We do weekly container shipping to Nigeria from the UK and we do twice weekly container shipping from China to Nigeria

How our container shipping works
Customer needs to send us email detailing the content of the container and the size of the container they need.
A parking list should also be provided .
Customer need to instruct us if the require an onsite or offsite container loading. By onsite , the container will be delivered to customers premises or a loading point. Minimum of three loaders will be needed to load the container. We can provide loaders at a cost between £150 -£175 per loader. Customers need to be aware that they only allowed 3 hours of loading time grace and any extra hour exceeded is to be paid for by the shipper (Customer) ..
Offsite container loading option is when customers cargo is loaded at shippers premises. All customers needed to do is to get the shipment delivered to us and then loaded there and then.

How our Car and vehicle shipping to Nigeria Works

Car and vehicle shipping option either by containerize or Roro. Via Roll on roll on. Roro is when the vehicle is driven unto the shipped while containerized is when the vehicle is loaded unto a container. Customer needs to understand that although Roro shipping is quicker and cheaper but they would have to be responsible for the vehicle customs clearing at the Nigerian End.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

How much do you charge per kg on air cargo to Nigeria ?
Answer: Please see the price list on our air cargo rate. Please note that we give huge discount on freight with huge weight and low dimension. All customer from Gum tree will automatically qualifies for 2% discount.

How long does it take for my cargo to arrive in Nigeria ?
Answer : Our cargo never exceeded 5 to 7 days to arrive in Lagos while other states in Nigeria is 10 days except there is an inevitable delays circumstances from airline or other unforeseen domestic issues in Nigeria, which in any case of this we will notify you.

Is my cargo safe with you guys?
Answer:We promise safe delivery of every customers freight . So far so good we maintain an 100 percent clean sheet in the aspect of safe delivery of customers cargo. As far as cargo from UK and China to Nigeria is concerned we are ranking among the best, this is made possible because of our absolute reliability. We cherish our customer and we look after any freight they entrust to us.

Who is responsible for boxing and packaging of cargo ?
Answer: Customers are responsible for proper packaging of their cargo. View it this way . When travelling from airport, who provides the packaging for your luggage ? Obviously yourself ! Our service is not different from airlines.We strap the cargo unto a pallet for you though.

Do you collect from Outside London and other cities in China other than Shanghai and Guangzhou?
Answer: Yes collect from outside London. Wherever you are in the UK or in China our service is available to you. It doesn't matter whether you're in Manchester, Birmingham, Portsmouth, Newcastle in the UK Or maybe your cargo is in Beijing,Chongqing in China, we can collect and deliver safely in Nigeria for you.

I will like to custom clear my cargo myself or by my agent in Nigeria?
Answer: Absolutely yes ! You can customs clear your cargo in Nigeria yourself or by your preferred clearing agent. In that case we hand over your Bill of Laden (BL) or your Air Way Bill (AWB) HB to you . It is advisable thought that your freight is or reasonable amount of weight , from 100kg upward. Just a suggestion to safe you from paying a huge amount of money for clearing. Shipment on consolidated BL and AWB works out cheaper.

Do you send cargo from Nigeria to the UK ?
Answer:Yes we offer such service too..Please be aware that some items from Nigeria are not allowed into the UK. The list includes but not limited to : Cigarette, Fish, Beans, Alcohol .... Ask us if you're not sure.

Do you cargo from Dubai and India to Nigeria ?
Answer: Yes we do provide cargo services from over 20 countries worldwide to Nigeria. We even cargo from U.S.A to Nigeria and from Nigeria to the U.S.A at cheaper rate.

Why we are the best

Our customers are our greatest asset that is why cargonaija never leave you all to get on with it. We do not only advise you on money saving tips but also give you adequate information on issues like tax and other levies that may affect your shipping experience in the countries you intend to ship to. Plus we do not hassle or haggle customers in the areas of pricing......

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