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Contact R


Posting for 17+ years

Wanted: Studio/office space around Leith. 1500-2500sqf

New Town, Edinburgh


Posting for 17+ years

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Contact R


38 days ago
Date Wanted
01 Dec 2024


We are an established creative business currently seeking a new long-term rental in or around Leith.

Our ideal space would feature a large open-plan area alongside several smaller rooms, preferably within an older or converted industrial building with plenty of character. 1500sqf or more.

We are open to spaces that are not fully equipped, as we would like to furnish and decorate the space ourselves. However, the space should be in a good state of repair, and we prefer it to not have a corporate office feel—avoiding carpets, stark lighting, or polystyrene ceiling tiles etc.

Parking and outdoor space would be beneficial but not essential.

We are looking for somewhere to feel settled long-term and are not in a rush to move.

Images for ref.

Thank you.

Ad ID: 1477486414


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