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Posting for 3+ years

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51 days ago
Date wanted
28 Feb 2022


Hi there.
I am a happy, quiet living old girl currently looking for a rent to own property in the rural localities of Powys or Cardigan areas or any of the surrounding areas.

How it works:-

Initially a price would be agreed between us for the property which would normally be slightly higher than the current market value.

The buyer - me - makes monthly rental payments to you which reduces the balance month on month.

During the term the buyer - me - would take on all costs associated with the property. But to protect us both i would ensure legal papers drawn up at cost to myself.

The title of deed will remain in your name until the full balance has been paid.

If you have any property or land that you would consider selling in this way then please get in touch with me and help me find my off grid, hopefully more simple and sustainable forever home.

I dont mind if the place needs work so long as at least part of it is habitable straight away

I can provide character references if needed.

Thanks in advance :0)

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