Canal Boat - Double bedroom ensuit in large widebeam - all bills included

Hackney, London
£900.00pm Tenancy info


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Posting for 1+ years

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23 Mar 2021
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Escape the Rat Race Have been the leading provider of 'Liveaboard' Narrowboats for 15 years, this is an Escape The Rat Race boat.

Have you considered being a liveaboard boater?
Fancy exploring the canals of London, moving through and staying in super central places like Kings Cross' Granary Square, Islington nr Angel station, Broadway Market, Victoria Park?

Check out the video of the inside of the boat - if you're viewing this advert on a mobile you'll need to drop me a msg to send it to you. If you're viewing this on a computer you should be able to see a video tab above the images - this gives you a great idea of the space.

The boat is a widebeam (3 metres x 20 metres aprox) and has a luxury double ensuite bedroom available, for clarity this advert is for 1 room in a 2 bedroom boat. You can see from the plan picture and the video that each bedroom is situated at the far end of the boat with it's own entry and outdoor area, with a shared spacious kitchen and living room.

Coal burning stove
Double room (lockable and secure access)
Double bed
Outdoor seating area
Bathroom with hot and cold running water and toilet
Mains electricity
Clothes storage
2 bathrooms

The boat has 2 double rooms which share a living and kitchen area so there is some shared living however you have your own access, bathroom and outside area. The boat is very well insulted for sound.


The boat moves around London and will mainly be within zones 1, 2 and 3 however due to the nature of the license the boat has to move every 2 weeks and must span a specified minimum distance over a year and therefore is regularly further afield. The vessel will follow a semi flexible cruising calendar which, depending on there being space in certain locations, will allow you to know where you'll be on the cruise at certain times.

This is a 6 month contract (can be extended at the end of the period), references required.

The administration and contracting of the stay is through a company called Escape the Rat Race. This is the only legitimate way to pay to live on a fully insured and licensed boat that is continuously cruising they have been endorsed by The Canal and River Trust.


Is this advert for a whole boat?
Afraid not it is for a double room at one end of the vessel, see the picture of the plan of the vessel to get a better idea of the layout.

Do you offer whole boat options?
yes we do. Please visit the Escape The Rat Race website.

Can you offer less than 6 months contract?
I am afraid we cant, there is a terrific investment of time and energy in getting someone safely on a boat, having them understand how to handle it, run through safety demonstrations, giving adhoc advice, registering for insurance, responding to new occupant queries etc. Anything less than 6 months is not economical for EtRR, the average stay is 9 months.

Can you offer a short stay of 1-10 days?
No. You need a hotel boat for this. It is not something we offer. Google Canalboat hotel.

Are the boats safe?
Yes Escape The Rat Race maintains that the ongoing health and safety of occupants is the single highest priority, they carry out regular checks on all vessels, all are correctly fitted with safety alarms, all have the correct certification and all are checked for defects, wear + tear and maintenance on every site visit (on average 1 visit which includes safety check per boat per month). This makes them amongst the safest cruising boats on the canal.

Is cruising on an EtRR boat compliant?
Yes. EtRR maintains a fleet of safely maintained, correctly licensed and fully insured vessels and has successfully done so for the last 15 years. There are numerous non registered boat landlords who do not meet minimum safety criteria and are on the whole unsafe, unlicensed and carry no/invalid insurance.

n.b - you may have noticed we have multiple similar ads on gumtree, this is simply to reference the fact the boat travels through London on it's cruising pattern. All of the locations with adverts are places where the boat can and regularly does moor on its flexible cruising pattern. The posting of multiple ads has been planned in agreement with the team at gumtree

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