1 bedroom flat in Wilson Street (NO DEPOSIT, NO CREDIT CHECK, DSS OK, PETS OK, SMOKERS OK), BEITH, K

Beith, North Ayrshire
£349.00pm Tenancy info

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07 Oct 2021
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No deposit required, no credit check & dss welcome! Thanks for clicking through and welcome! We offer no deposit, no credit check and DSS welcome properties. So allow us to clarify our LIMITED OFFER to you before you hit the back button.....

NO DEPOSIT REQUIRED We fully understand how difficult it is to get your hands on one month's rent and one month's deposit all in one go. Therefore we simply do not ask for a deposit! Forget saving or borrowing off friends or family as you simply do not need a deposit. Oh and by the way we don't ask for any admin fees, application fees or any other sort of dubious sounding fees. Thant's not how we operate.

NO CREDIT CHECK If you've fallen on hard times in the past we fully understand. We focus on now and the future. That's why we place little value on the results of credit checks. We are looking for people who want to live in our properties and build long term links with the surrounding community NOT whether you missed a payment on your mobile phone! But if you are a fly by night serial rent dodger do not apply as we will already know who you are as we have access to various local tenant blacklists.

DSS WELCOME If you are unemployed and in receipt of universal credit or incapacity benefit then we want to hear from you. Our doors are wide open and we do not discriminate simply because you are out of work or unable to work. We believe that everyone deserves a home.  Please be aware that if you do provide misleading information for the sole purpose of pocketing the housing element of your claim we report ALL matters to the DWP and Police without question.

PLUS..... Our rental prices are not set in stone. If you see something you like but can't afford the rent simply make us an offer. The worst that can happen is we say no. That's it. If we're feeling generous and you've timed it right you never know, you might just save yourself hundreds of pounds off your annual rental bill!

NEXT STEPS Okay, so now we hope you appreciate the way we work and our straight upfront talking all we ask from you is the following:

If you are unemployed - proof of ID, proof of NI number, recent utility bill, recent bank statements and a willingness to complete and submit a Housing Benefit Application to the council prior to moving in to the property. One month's rent upfront is preferable however we will look at all circumstances.

If you are employed or self-employed - proof of ID and one month's rent upfront.


1323304/320/10112 North Lanarkshire 1396471/110/05042 Aberdeenshire 1381960/240/09032 Falkirk 1294999/180/17092 Dundee City 1407638/310/26042 North Ayrshire 1092082/190/19081 East Ayrshire 1297859/250/23092 Fife 1252703/350/22062 Renfrewshire 1092940/370/20081 South Ayrshire 1108843/280/16091 Inverclyde


61325/320/04390 North Lanarkshire 61325/130/04440 Argyll and Bute 61325/260/05270 Glasgow City 61325/240/05030 Falkirk 61325/310/05330 North Ayrshire 61325/190/05500 East Ayrshire 61325/350/05290 Renfrewshire 61325/370/05200 South Ayrshire 61325/280/05140 Inverclyde 61325/380/04060 South Lanarkshire


1268685/320/24072 North Lanarkshire 1416563/310/13052 North Ayrshire 245240/190/20451 East Ayrshire 1271328/350/30072 Renfrewshire 245240/380/01411 South Lanarkshire


1415978/280/12052 Inverclyde 1408001/320/27042 North Lanarkshire 1407977/190/27042 East Ayrshire

Additional Features
Pets allowed
Housing Benefit Accepted
Smokers Allowed
Agent: Ahuja Holdings
Agent Ref: 92570_21303

Ad ID: 1009005920


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