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Posting for 2+ months


7 bedroom house in Gibson Drive, Smethwick, B66 1RW

Sandwell, West Midlands


Posting for 2+ months

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17 hours ago
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This is a fantastic opportunity to get an investment property with positive cashflow. If structured correctly the investor would have the following advantages and bonuses.1) To acquire a property with a sensible security deposit that secures this property2) Get a 2nd charge on the property to secure your deposit3) Get access to a fully licensed HMO ready made business4) To receive income between 10%-13% per annum based on the deposit placed which can be anywhere from £70,000-£91,000 over the period5) To receive addition income at the back end potentially 50% of any increase in value above a set valuation at the start of the deal4) You get a ready made fully Licensed HMO with immediate income 5) You get the opportunity to buy this house now at today's market rate 6) You can buy this house in the future at the then revalued value, using the deposit placed and using the addition 50% increase in the value of the house as equity7) Additional Bonus you have the option to convert the house garage into a room or self contained studio, adding value to the house and increasing revenue8) Additional Bonus you have the option to convert the house HUGE loft into 1 or 2 bedroom flat , adding value to the house and increasing revenue9) We accept crypto-currency as payment , excellent way to liquidate your holdingsPlease read the options below and more details of this fantastic asset.Excellent Freehold Fully Licensed HMO for Sale or Rent-to-Buy (no interest in auction's)(I also accept BTC-crypto as payment)Current Valuation Please note that Halifax BS have just valued this HMO at £420,000-£440,000 and we are looking for an offer as close to this as near possible for outright sale but we are open to negotiations. Option 1 Outright saleIf you are interested to buy this property as it is, then we looking for offers around the valuation, we open to negotiate.Option 2 Rent to Buy (open ended 5-7 years)DepositTo rent-2-buy this property any potential investor must show and give a good size deposit (25% of value- to show interest-)Rental FeeIn addition whatever is your rental income less all expenses - Net Profit 75%/25% splitThis means what ever is your profit I expect to receive 25% from you of the net profit as a monthly fee in arrears. Value ReturnsDoing it this way , you are actually earning between 10%-13% return per annum on your £100,000 investment After 7 years you would have earned on the low side nearly £10k x 7 = £70,000 on the low end and higher end £13000 x 7 = £91,000 on the upside in addition to this your £100,000 Bonus BY giving a deposit you have the right and that you getting entitled to 50% of any increase in value of the property . This is a no brainer to be fair. Where can you get this kind of returns if you invested only £100k, Bank deposit gives u deposit rates of 1%-2% per annum.Profit Realisation If you do it this way after 5-7 years u have the option to buy, this option only works if you have given me a 25% deposit to secure this super property. and for this I can agree that any increase in value above £400,000 I share with you on a 50/50 scale. Deposit repaymentIf the value of the property is less then £400,000 and you decide not to buy , I agree to return your deposit(subject to inspection). Re-valuation at the end of the termIf the value is above £400,000 and lets say its £600,000 then I agree to give you 50% of the difference between 400k-600k but I can only pay this if the property is sold on the open market to realise the profit.Option 3 Crypto-currencies ( Outright Buy or Rent to Buy- open ended)Any crypto people who like to work with crypto-currencies, then acquiring this house for a payment made in BTC is excellent... as it gives u another avenue to liquidate your holdings. Please advise me and we can discuss it House DetailsHere are the basic details of the house, if you need more message me ok This House has 7 Bedroom Rooms - This property has mountains of potential with the option to increase to 8 bedrooms or keep it as 7 bedrooms and with minor modification add a studio on the ground floor. A sprawling new build property with additional scope for renovation. The property has 7 bedrooms, 2 kitchens, a spacious lounge, drive-way to park up to 5 cars and a good size garden.Bonus is a part converted garage that can be then further converted into a open plan living room-diner.In addition to this the house has a very large space in the loft that can be converted as required.The property is well insulated and very good on energy consumption for such a big house. Each bedroom is a good sized double room.The house comprises of 3 floors.The ground floor has a small reception room, currently used as basic storage and has a Fridge Freezer for the house. We also have Bedroom 1 and a WC on the right hand side as you walk in. In addition the house has a Kitchen on the ground floor to the left, and also has a very large garage that has been converted into a room and is currently storage for the owner. This room can be turned into a lounge with an open plan kitchen area relatively easily by taking out the garage door and replacing with a window In addition you have access to a private good size garden which is used regularly used during the evenings and weekends.On the 1st floor, there is a large lounge, a toilet room and the main kitchen. Bedrooms 2 and 3 are also located here. On the 2nd Floor you have 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. One has a bath tub, the other has a walkâin shower. The Property also has all the relevant certification and can be operated as per the HMO license. If you would like to view this property, you will need to send proof of funds along with photographic identification prior to booking an appointment. This is to ensure we dealing with a potential buyer who has the capacity to purchase. This property has the potential to increase in value if the buyer were to extend the bedrooms from 7 rooms to 8 rooms and many similar properties have done this and the assumption to get planning permissions should be easy to obtain. This property therefore has the potential after making minor modifications to make the ground floor in to a self contained studio to increase capacity and in turn increase the value of the building itself.Already in place is a converted garage into a room and if the new owners were to then create an open plan lounge and living room/diner, throughout the ground floor) It will free up an extra bedroom.Please note that property prices are going up in this area (see attached photo)If you have any interest , please send me a message of your interest, I like to chat via whatsapp as I can send you photo's, video, and more details and whatsapp is best for this kind of communication For all enquiries, viewing requests or to create your own listing please visit the Griffin Property Co. website.
Agent: Griffin Residential Limited
Agent Ref: griffinres_1848

Ad ID: 1446791867

VAT number: 214208156


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