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Posting for 11+ years

🥁 Romantic Engagement Family Outdoor Photo Session 🥁

Whitchurch, Cardiff


Posting for 11+ years

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Contact Zee



39 days ago


🙋 Time really does fly…
One minute you’ve got a new-born in your arms,
and the next – secondary school, then college.
Please make sure you take time out to capture those memories,
all the precious moments and ages. Take time to document your family's love
for each other and put it on your wall to be treasured.

🙋 I believe that every love story deserves to be celebrated and immortalized.
That's why I consider engagement photography sessions an essential part of the wedding journey.
Beyond just capturing beautiful images, these sessions provide a unique opportunity for couples to connect,
express their love, and build a deeper bond before their big day.
Join me as I delve into the importance of an engagement photography session and how it can enhance your wedding experience.

🙋 If you've got engaged - congratulations! ... fancy a pre-wedding shoot?
I love romantic shoots, plus it is an opportunity to meet me, see my style of work
and you will have some beautiful portraits to use for:
- your wedding invitations
- decorating your wedding venue
- your wedding website
- social media announcements
- gifts for your parents

😎Get in touch for more details
Thank You, 'ZEE'

Ad ID: 1475932929