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Posting for 6+ years


Dog Walker & Training

Grangemouth, Falkirk



Posting for 6+ years

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51 days ago


Let’s Go Walkies

Training in your own home – where it really matters. We offer a personalised service to fit in with your family and valuable time for both Puppies and Adolescent Dogs!

• One to one - we focus only on you and your dog's needs
• Tackle head on the issues that matter – biting the kids, chewing, house training and pulling on a lead
• Prevent Behavioural problems so you never have to face the stress, damage and heartache this can bring
• Flexible hours and training times to suit you
• Have a dog to be proud of by investing in him or her and you will avoid time, worry and expense later
• These packages are bespoke to you and tailored so as you get the best training solutions to meet your dog's needs.

We cover areas such as:
• Visitors arriving and creating calm behaviours
• General jumping up indoors or outdoors
• Food Manners at home
• Settle behaviours at home
• Building great Play skills with other dogs
• Recall training basic and with other dogs
• Learning to listen in presence of other dogs
• Learning to wait for ‘great things to happen'- Impulse control
• General sit, stay, wait behaviours indoors and in various environments
• Lead Walking

Group walks

We offer group walks (max 4 per group depending on size of dogs), these are full 1 hour walks (min time). You can be assured of happy exhausted dogs knowing they’ve had plenty of time to stretch legs, play time and of course plenty of toilet time. The hour walk starts when we arrive at the location and are all outside. This means maximum walk/fun time for the dogs and of course lots of attention. We aim to have all dogs off lead (depending on recall) and make every effort to ensure they bond in the group.

Group walks are ideal for all ages.

Puppy Visits

We offer visits for puppies who aren’t quite old enough to join group walks. The visit includes playtime, toilet breaks and a chance to meet other dogs and socialize. Perfect for getting them ready for the group walks.

Puppy training can be offered also.

Small Animal/Cat Visits

Off on holiday, or can’t be home to look after your pets, then visits are perfect. These can be offered twice a day, morning and evening (extra by request). Popping in once/twice a day to feed, clean, play etc with your small animal/cat. We tailor any visit to your pets need.

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