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Gardening 101

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Warmer days are coming! Well, hopefully. So you know what that means: BBQs, garden parties, pretending you're on holiday and eating all meals alfresco, you know the drill. The sun starts shining and suddenly you have an extra piece of living space. However, you don’t need to break the bank to make it beautiful, you can maintain and decorate your garden with some good second-hand finds.

We're seeing search increases for garden furniture, tables and chairs, and lawn mowers, so we have asked our Chief Marketing Officer, Hannah Rouch to share some of her top tips on how to find the best sustainable and second-hand purchases to bring your garden to life.

Get your paintbrush out: just like you would indoors, think about how colour can add to your garden space. Opting for black and neutrals can create a relaxed and modern look, while a pop of colour on furniture can create a fun and playful feel.

Weather-proof your garden: paint can transform tired garden furniture from faded to fantastic. For longevity, make sure you use a weather-proof spray paint on metal or an outdoor fence paint on wood and add a glaze of varnish where needed, so it can stay looking fresh year after year.

Optimise your space: if your garden is small, look for old mirrors* to buy second-hand – either metal-framed or glass that you can mount on walls or simply rest on outdoor furniture. This creates intrigue as well as the feeling of light and space in darker corners.

*When introducing reflected items into your garden please be cautious to avoid starting a fire, for more information Gardeningetc has some tips on how to safely use your garden mirror.

The bigger the pot, the better: savings can be made by buying plant pots second-hand – you can get beautifully aged terracotta at a bargain. In small spaces, planting a handful of the biggest pots you can find will create a more cohesive and relaxing feel than lots of little ones. Your plants will be happier, too! Bigger pots can also act as a blank canvas for you to put your own mark on and make them truly unique to you.

Get creative with landscaping: hard landscaping can cost a small fortune – but you can pick up paving slabs, sleepers and giant stones for a snip second-hand from local sellers on Gumtree. Often people doing a bit of a renovation job themselves will have discards they don’t need, plus you’ll be able to give them another lease of life instead of going to landfill.

Sweep your space: you can save a fortune by buying tools second-hand on Gumtree, and they often come in used but tiptop shape. In small, paved spaces, you can get by with a good hand-trowel, broom and dustpan and brush – though these are crucial whatever size garden you have. I love finishing off a good gardening session with a sweep!

Have your own garden upcycle tips? Share them with us on X & Instagram and use #GotItOnGumtree

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