Amnick Work Experience Programme in Graphics Design

Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire
4 days ago
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Free up to 3 Month e-Work Experience Programme in Graphics Design – from your own space and in your own time..

We are offering opportunity for you to become more employable. This includes: graduates and students, individuals wanting to get back into work, or anyone seeking a career change, across the country.

These solutions are all designed to create new and exciting ways to fast track you into getting a job, a career, and finding new opportunities.

This is an e-Work Experience Programme which you do from your own home and in your own time. The recommended time you should consider allocating is around 10 hours per week. But you can do more or less according to your own requirements. You will work by yourself, in teams (virtually) or groups, using technology such as WhatsApp, Skype, E-mails etc.

During this work experience you will work on:

Working on Magazines,
Business Cards,
Website Designs,
Writing articles and creating design for the e-Graphics Design Magazine,

In addition you will also get experience of:

- Knowledge on strategy,
- Creating revenue streams,
- Having operational knowledge,
- Developing a wide range of network of contacts,
- Knowledge of managing teams of people,
- Business Development.

Please request further information.

If interested please reply via Gumtree. Please also attach a copy of your CV, and also note that we hold regular Information Sessions on Skype.

Ad ID: 1270373784


Posting for 3+ years See all ads

Contact details

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