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**STUDIO SALE** Telefunken DD5 Drum Kit Microphone Set - AS NEW

St Ives, Cambridgeshire £1,149.00
31 days ago


If you need to mic up a drum kit, then Telefunken has the microphone pack for you: the DD5 Drum Microphone Set. The DD5 Drum Microphone Set comes with five of the most popular Telefunken dynamic drum microphones you'll find, including an M82 kick drum mic, a M80-SH for your snare drum, and a trio of M81-SH microphones that bring out the best in your toms. In addition to these wonderful microphones, you also get a set of five XLR cables to go with them. Each of these cables has a right-angle female connector, which makes mic placement easy. Top it all off with a flight case, and you're ready to take your DD5 Drum Microphone Set anywhere.

Telefunken DD5 Drum Microphone Set at a Glance:
M82 gives you five killer kick sounds in one
Killer mics for your snare drum and toms
Not just mics - the complete package
M82 gives you five killer kick sounds in one
Any live or studio engineer can appreciate the Telefunken M82 dynamic microphone. Outfitted with an oversized 1.37" moving-coil diaphragm, the M82 provides you with superb low-frequency response. But, although Telefunken designed it for kick drums, this fat and punchy mic is also ideal for bass cabinets, voiceover work, and many other applications. On top of that, there's a switchable Kick EQ filter and a separate switchable High Boost function onboard the Telefunken M82, giving you five distinct sounds in one excellent microphone.

Killer mics for your snare drum and toms
With its low-mass capsule and highly responsive, ultra-thin diaphragm, the Telefunken M80-SH has been a popular choice for snare drums for years. In many ways, the M80-SH resembles a condenser microphone more than a standard dynamic. Telefunken based their M81-SH off of that same design, easing back on the high end to provide better low mid definition. The M81-SH is ideal for toms, providing lower fundamental response to better capture their deeper resonance.

Not just mics - the complete package
In addition to five fabulous microphones plus rim mounts for each, the DD5 Drum Microphone Set comes complete with a set of quality microphone cables. These XLR cables feature a right-angle female connector, which is extremely handy for positioning microphones around tightly configured drum kits, since the ends don't stick up and get in the way of your cymbals. What's more, the DD5 Drum Microphone Set comes in a hardshell flight case, so you can take your mics on the road safe and sound.

Telefunken DD5 Drum Microphone Set Features:
A perfect package of microphones for your 5-piece drum kit
Great for studio or live use! Includes:
One M82 - five amazing kick drum tones in a single dynamic microphone
One M80-SH - condenser-like performance that's perfect for capturing snare drum
Three M81-SH - does an amazing job of handling the low-frequency fundamentals of toms
Five 16.4' XLR mic cables with right-angle female connecters for easy mic positioning
Includes an extremely tough FC80 hardshell flight case plus drum mounts for all mics

**Collection preferred, however, further arrangments can be made at extra cost**

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