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Euphorbia Honey of Morocco (Daghmous), Organic, Pure, Size 250g (Harvested 2017)

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Fresh Raw Cactus Euphorbia Resinifera Honey (Daghmous Honey)

YouPhorBee Health Honey from the Moroccan bees direct to your mouth

Fresh Raw Cactus Euphorbia Resinifera Honey (Daghmous Honey) from YouPhorBee Health is a honey produced by bees from the Euphorbia cactus species of flowering plants native to Morocco, on the slopes of the Atlas Mountains. This honey is without any artificial ingredients, cold pressed, unadulterated and unpasteurised. This euphorbia honey is the only country in the world to produce honey of this kind, which is also called Daghmous in Moroccan dialect.

Euphorbia honey is famous for its medical action as a tonic and to soothe a sore throat. Scientific research has shown that the honey and propolis of Euphorbia Resinifera has high antioxidant activity. It is also one of the very few honeys to treat allergic asthma in people who are sensitive to pollen.

Keep in a dry place at temperatures below 15° C.
The colour can be from golden yellow to dark amber.
Taste: sweet, feeling of warmth and heat in the throat

YouPhorBee Health was established by Dr. Youssef E.A, a university Chemistry lecturer and research scientist based in London, UK.

Dr. Youssef has extensive knowledge and direct experience of the production of dahgmous honey in his homeland of Morocco. Working in collaboration with his beekeeper colleagues in Morocco, Dr Youssef can confirm that this honey is authentic and direct from Moroccan bees to your mouth.

Some Benefits and its Scientific articles about Euphorbia Resinifera Honey:

-Strong antimicrobial activity on bacterial strains (see reference 1 and 2)
- Antioxidant Activities (see reference 4, 5 and 6)
- Contained fourteen mineral elements (aluminum, calcium, copper, iron, lead, lithium, magnesium, manganese, potassium, phosphorus, silicon, sodium, sulfur, and zinc) (see reference 4)

Some Scientific articles titles about Euphorbia Resinifera Honey :
(copy paste the title of each article in google to be able to read it)

1) Physicochemical properties of some honeys produced from different plants in Morocco, A. Chakir, A. Romane. G. L. Marcazza, P. Ferrazzi, Arabian Journal of Chemistry, Volume 9, Pages 946-954, year 2016.

2) Microbiological Quality Of Moroccan Labeled Euphorbia Resinifera Honey, Abdelkarim Moujanni, Anass Terrab , Rabiaa Eddoha, Boubker Nasser , Maryam Benbachir , Nour Eddine Chaouqy , Taoufiq Bouzid and Abdel Khalid Essamadi, J Microbiol Biotech Food Sci, 6 (5) 1188-1194, year 2017.

3) Antimicrobial Activities of Natural Honey from Aromatic and Medicinal Plants on Antibio-resistant Strains of Bacteria Noaman Malika, Faid Mohamed, And El Adlouni Chakib. International Journal Of Agriculture & Biology, pages 1560–8530, year 2004.

4) Physicochemical characterization of unique unifloral honey: Euphorbia resinifera Caracterización fisicoquímica de mieles monoflorales de Euphorbia resinifera, A. Moujanni , L. Partida , A. K. Essamadi, D. Hernanz , F. J. Heredia and A. Terrab, Cyta – Journal Of Food, VOL. 16, NO. 1, pages 27–35, year 2018.

5) Phytochemical Study, Antioxidant and Antimicrobial Activities Of Euphorbia Resinifera L., Houcine Benmehdi et al. International Research Journal Of Pharmacy, 4 (9), year 2013.

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