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4 Watt Amorphous Solar Panel Briefcase £15! Charges 12V Batteries In Cars Caravans Boats Camping

Tower Hamlets, London £15.00
45 days ago


This is a 4 Watt Solar Briefcase sized 12V Sealed Lead Acid battery charger. You can use this solar panel to charge small sized batteries such as in your car, motorbike, or leisure batteries in your caravan, boat or motor home and to prevent battery drain when not in use and keep your 12V battery in good condition! It could be used for other 12V applications such as to charge a small barn light battery for chickens, rabbits or other animals or even for a battery for a small animal electric fence. It would be best used for batteries I would say up to 50 Ah or lower.

- - - Please contact me on 07572597933. Thanks! - - -

This 4W solar panel can be used to trickle charge your 12V battery to keep it's voltage up to a good condition and to avoid unwanted deep discharging such as over long periods of disuse such as when at airport parking or on your driveway as a secondary car, which can cause a flat battery. Simply put it on your dashboard or anywhere where rain or moisture cannot get to it (as its not waterproof) and where there is sunlight and it will do it's job. It will even work behind clear and clean glass.

Maplin are selling this 4W solar panel on their website for £29.99!!! Code number: N05HN.

This solar panel only requires daylight and not only direct sunlight to work. This is because the panel is an Amorphous Solar Panel, not a Monocrystaline or Polycrystaline panel. Therefore you can use this in our type of weather with good results.

This panel has a blocking diode included within the solar panel which makes sure all power created by the panel is directed towards the battery so you would not need to worry about reverse charging from the battery to the solar panel at night. It also has an integrated green LED which illuminates when connected to a 12V battery and comes included with 2 interchangable connectors, each 1.2 meters (4 foot) long.
The 2 connectors inclued are a Cigarette Lighter Plug which you can use to directly plug in to your car or 12V socket and Alligator Battery Clamps which you can use to direcly connect on to a 12V battery if your car requires the ignition to be switched on to operate the 12V socket.

This solar panel is made from durable ABS plastic and has integrated adjustable angle support stands so you can tilt it at an angle and position it to get the maximum amount of solar power from the sun. Not only that but when you have finished using it you can pack it up like a suitcase for easy and convenient storage. As it is easy to carry and has a small size it is ideal and convenient for camping purposes or for places where a small 12V battery charger is needed but there is no mains electricity to trickle charge your 12V battery.

I bought this 4W Solar Briefcase brand new from Maplin with the intention of making a big solar powered project at the back of my garden, along with other solar panels, however I never got around to doing so because of other commitments and time restraints. It has since been carefully stored, covered and dry stored since buying it. This 4W Solar Briefcase has EVERYTHING inside of it from NEW and has not been used fully except to test it and make sure it is fully working properly, of which I can say it is. This 4W Solar Briefcase is in an EXCELLENT condition and looks very nice as it is fully black so would blend in to your dashboard or other surfaces so please see the pictures to see for yourself!

I have more than 10 of these 4W solar panels. If you would want to buy more than 1 simply contact me.

If you have any questions about this item or are unsure about whether this will be suitable for your intended application or just to ask a small question email me and I'll answer back within 24 hours! Other than that thanks for looking!

Collection is from Limehouse DLR Station.



I believe that the information here is as true as I can possibly put it and the item will be sold as seen on collection.

The specification for the 4W Solar Breifcase is as folows:

Peak output power: 4W
Current (@max. power): 170mA (Actually a type error. Maplin website states: 220mA)
Open circuit voltage: 18V
Tested under standard condition: AM1.5, 100mW/100cm2 @25°
Cigarette lighter plug fuse rating: 0.5A
Cable length: 1.2m (4ft)
Dimensions open: 445mm (l) x 235mm (w) x 14mm (d)
Dimensions closed: 245mm (l) x 235mm (w) x 28mm (d)
Weight: 890g

4W folding amorphous solar panel with 1.2m cable
Connecting cable with battery clips
Connecting cable with cigarette lighter adaptor
2 built-in angle support stands

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