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Heating Hacks that don’t Cost the Earth

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We’ve all long been feeling the pinch of energy bill price hikes. There’s no one, quick fix but in the meantime, we wanted to round up some helpful, practical tips as well as shine the spotlight on appliances (ones that don’t guzzle up energy the way your heating and tumble dryer do) to get us through the worst of winter.

➡️ Drying Clothes in Winter 101

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you can’t hang your clothes out to dry (full disclosure, this doesn’t apply if it is raining). It may take a little longer (do your washing first thing), and they may not be fully dry, but that blistering wind is good for something. Cold air will still dry your clothes so you don’t need to depend on the dryer or running your radiators all day. If you live in a flat, hang your clothes on an indoor clothes airer in an unused room next to an open window. Find an indoor airer second-hand on Gumtree now.

And turns out, come rain or shine you can still hang your washing outside – there are washing lines with covers – an umbrella for your laundry if you will, what will they think of next!

➡️ Appliances that do the Job for Less

Did you know that running a tumble dryer costs an average of £216 a year!.* Here are just a few items that can help with drying those never ending piles of washing, keep your home warm, save energy, and thus saving money, all at the same time.

Heated Clothes Airer: whilst this will still use up electricity, a good model can run for as little as 12p an hour.** More cost efficient than running your dryer or blasting all the radiators. Search for a heated clothes airer on Gumtree here.

Oil Filled Radiator: an energy efficient option as the electricity is used only to heat the oil inside. Plus, they are portable (though do take care as they can get very hot) so why run your entire heating system, set up an electrical heater to heat up only the space you’re in.***

Dehumidifiers: not only helpful with keeping damp at bay, but can keep rooms warm too. Running costs can range from 7p – 16p per hour, depending on watt.****

*Source: Ideal Home article, December 2022
**Source: Heated clothes airer listed for sale on Robert Dyas.
***Source: Futura Direct Benefits of an Oil Filled Radiator
****Source: ITV ‘Cheapest Way to Dry Clothes’

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