Here at Gumtree, we believe that buying and selling online should be safe, simple and enjoyable for everyone. We created this hub so you can find all of our trust and safety advice in one easily searchable place. It’s full of helpful explainers and tips that we hope will answer all your queries and make your Gumtree experience the best it can be.

We’ve split our trust and safety hub into bite-sized sections that are easy to browse and delve into:

Our Safety Advice articles outline best practices for trading online and give you some extra guidance if you’re considering renting, hiring services or buying big-ticket items via Gumtree.

In the Supporting Our Community section, we explain how we work with users and partner organisations to make sure that everyone has the best possible Gumtree experience.

Trading Advice tackles etiquette for good sales, fair trading and all your questions on shipping and sending.

Finally, for any questions surrounding our handling of your personal information, just head to our Protecting Data page.

Access the new hub and plenty of helpful articles via the Click here for more button above.