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COMPETITION It Pays to go Second-Hand

Trending on Gumtree

At Gumtree we celebrate second-hand 365 days of the year but we know this isn’t the case for everyone, still a substantial 39% of people in the UK say they never buy second-hand clothing.*

There are so many reasons to turn to second-hand platforms. From saving a little money to making more environmental choices to finding that one-of-a-kind piece or an item to upcycle and make your own. If second-hand is new to you, there’s no better time to dive in than now: the official start of Second-Hand September.


When shopping for household products, 62% of people are looking for value for money, 49% are looking for low prices and 4% consider green credentials.* Well, guess who can tick all those boxes… Gumtree!

Going second-hand is not only for climate activists and saving our future. Yes, it is good for the planet but it is also good for your pocket. You can make money from selling your preloved items (more on that later) and save money by shopping second-hand. You can find great items, made from quality materials, sometimes even vintage or designer finds, at great and affordable prices.

And when it does come to the environment, even the smallest change in shopping behaviour can have an impact on our carbon emissions:

Did you know…

Buying a new garden dining set is the carbon footprint equivalent of heating your home for a month.**

That a brand new laptop and mobile phone produce around 2085 kg of carbon. That’s the equivalent of driving 320 miles from Southampton to Newcastle.**

A new dress might impress but it produces 48 kg of carbon, equivalent to 40 hot daily showers.**

If you enjoy the great outdoors, it’s worth noting that buying a golf set, football and goal brand new creates the same carbon emissions as over 7 months of daily hot showers.**

So, think #SecondHandFirst.


If all that wasn’t incentive enough, we’ve put together our own reward for you second-hand Good Finders out there. Anyone who lists an item in our For Sale category this September, and include #SecondHandFirst in the description, will be entered into a prize draw. Two lucky winners will receive a £500 cash prize each!

Entries open until 10.00pm on 30.09.23. Open only to UK residents who are over 18. All Valid Entries will be entered into a prize draw and two winners will be randomly selected to win a prize of £500.00 each. View the full competition terms and conditions via the link above.


Here are just a few popular items and their average selling price on Gumtree.*** What are the chances you have one of these lying about the house gathering dust?

💰Lawnmower £69
💰Sun lounger £35
💰BBQ £85
💰Coat £35
💰Suit £45
💰Dress £15
💰Mobile phone £180
💰Laptop £140
💰Football boots £25
💰Golf clubs £160

What are you waiting for, list them on Gumtree today.


* GB TGI data based on 2,000 users surveyed, July 2023.
** Carbon Calculations: The data for Gumtree’s carbon emission saving’s calculator is taken from the official UK Government analysis of the carbon footprint of UK residents. It is available to view online here: https://www.gov . uk/government/statistics/uks-carbon-footprint The statistics are provided using a model, developed at the University of Leeds, that calculates the embodied Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG) associated with the production of all goods and services consumed in the UK. The data provides an average carbon footprint for the product and may not be tied to the price listed on these examples. It also does not take into account that there could be any variation within the sector dependent on the specific product or brand. According to the UK Government and University of Leeds, one shower = 1.2kg carbon, heating a home for one day = 6.3kg carbon and per passenger, one flight from London to Barcelona is 0.15832kg of carbon / 1,337kms (distance between London to Barcelona).ONS estimates the UK population that is 16+ to be approximately 54,098,971 and the entire population to be 67,000,000.
https://blog. gumtree. com/how-the-carbon-calculator-works/
*** Internal data. Taking the list of the most searched items on Gumtree website in August 2023 and taking an average of the price they were listed at.

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