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Chris and I have been using Gumtree since we first moved in together 10 years ago, from selling camera equipment to help fund DIY projects, to buying the finishing touches for our renovation projects, it has been our saving grace many times.

What I love the most about this way of shopping is not the convenience (although sure, that’s pretty great), it’s not the saving money (that’s a given), it’s the community spirit that it brings about. We sold a rattan rocking chair this evening, as I’m typing upstairs(!) to a family that live three roads down, they popped round after their baby was asleep and dropped by just after we had put our two down.

We’ve sold so many things over the years, camera equipment, wedding props and a few months ago, we even sold our amazing four poster bed. I loved it but we had come to realise it no longer suited our growing family and by selling it on the site, it went to a couple who loved it as much as we did.

Gumtree steps in as your life adjusts and finds a sustainable way to work within your community, making real change at the same time. I always try and ask myself before I buy anything these days: ‘can I find it secondhand?’.

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