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10 Essentials for a Caravan Holiday

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Good Finds aren’t just for every day – they’re for holidays, too! Take caravans: they’re like a home, but on four wheels. What’s not to love? You can get out into nature and still have those ‘civilised’ essentials. We’re sure you’re raring to go, but before you pack everything but the kitchen sink (which, btw, is included), have a look at our checklist of ten essential items you might want to take with you on your next caravan holiday, from hairdryers to extension cables.

1. Clothing for all weather conditions
We all know how unpredictable and untrustworthy the British weather can be. A summer in the UK can either be scorching hot or a wash out, or more than likely, a mix of the two. So, when going on a caravan holiday, it’s a good idea to pack clothes for every possible weather type. A waterproof jacket and wellies will come in handy if you get caught in a downpour and sensible footwear is ideal for going on long walks or hikes. Sometimes it can get a bit chilly at night when staying in a caravan, so you might want to have warmer clothing ready to layer up, or even a hot water bottle. And if you’re planning on going to the beach or pool, then think about taking a swimming costume with you.

2. Towels
After a hot shower you’ll want to dry off, so it’s worth packing a set of clean fluffy towels. In addition to bath towels, you might find that you need hand towels and ones to take to the beach if you’re going to be by the sea. Other bathroom bits that might be missing from your caravan include loo roll, a bathmat, a hairdryer and hair straighteners. To keep the bathroom clean, consider packing detergents and bleach too.

3. Food and drink supplies
As with most holiday homes, caravans are self-catered so you’ll want to stock your cupboards up with food that’s quick and easy to prepare. Even if the caravan park has a restaurant or offers a half-board option, it’s worth having extra supplies to keep you going through out the day. Some caravan parks also have convenience stores on site, but they can be quite expensive, so if possible, see if you can do a big food shop at a local supermarket before arriving. When planning your meals, try and remember that fridges in caravans can be quite small, so tinned foods are a better bet. Some store cupboard essentials include cooking oil, salt and pepper, teabags, coffee, butter, sugar, milk, condiments and sauces.

4. Kitchen equipment
Once you’ve got all the food you need for your holiday, you’ll want to have the equipment to prepare it. You might find that your caravan comes with things like pots and pans, but there’s no guarantee. Just in case kitchen equipment isn’t provided, think about taking essentials with you, including crockery, cutlery and utensils. It’s then a good idea to have everything you need to clean up after cooking, like washing-up liquid, bin bags, kitchen roll, sponges and tea towels.

5. Entertainment
As well as getting lots of fresh air, it’s likely that you’ll spend a fair amount of time inside your caravan too. To keep everyone happy, consider taking some entertainment with you, like books and board games. It’s also worth checking whether your caravan has a TV and an Internet connection before you get there, so you can watch your favourite shows. You might want to take spare batteries for the TV remote and any other devices that require them in case they run out of power, and an extension cable can come in handy. A Bluetooth speaker is also fun for playing music and audiobooks.

6. Toiletries
Like with any holiday, you’ll want to take your personal toiletries with you. This includes shampoo and conditioner, shower gel, a toothbrush and toothpaste, deodorant, shower gel and any skincare. Caravan bathrooms don’t tend to have soap, so consider adding that to your list too, as it can be pricey to buy hand wash from the onsite shop.

7. Outdoor seating
You’ll usually find that your caravan has plenty of green space around it, perfect for soaking up some rays during the summer. A fold-up camping table and chairs are essential things to buy for a caravan. You might want to see if you can find a camping chair with a drinks holder so you can sip on a chilled beverage while you relax.

8. Bedding
Like with cooking equipment, you may or may not need to take bedding with you. Sometimes there’s a bedding charge, so it’s possible to save money by bringing along your own duvet covers, sheets, blankets and pillowcases. It’s one way of making your caravan feel like home and can help children sleep better in a new environment.

9. First-aid kit
It’s a good idea to take a first-aid kit with you in case anyone gets injured or falls ill. Things you might want to have in your kit include painkillers, plasters, bandages and antiseptic cream.

10. Portable fan or heater
When it comes to essential caravan equipment, you might want to pack a portable heater or fan, depending on what time of year you go on holiday. Caravans aren’t as well insulated as holiday homes, so they can become too humid in the summer or get quite chilly in the winter. Taking a heater or fan with you will help regulate the temperature.

For more helpful tips, take a look at our guide to packing for a UK holiday – suitcase essentials.

All set for your caravan holiday? See what you can find to take with you on Gumtree.

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