Car Van Immobiliser Security CanBus & Analog, Blocking Key Cloning, Driver Tag, Smartphone App

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Price: £349.99 Including Fitting service

Pandora STORM Car Immobiliser with Driver Tag , Can-Bus & Analog Blocking, Smartphone App

The Pandora Storm is the latest Can-Bus immobiliser system to hit the UK market in 2020. This system can use 2 layers of key cloning protection, the 1st layer being the Pandora ADR tag and the 2nd being the original vehicle interior buttons* which will allow the immobiliser to disarm. The Pandora Storm uses uses a tag (ADR card) to disarm the immobiliser once the tag is in range of the vehicle. The tag / ADR card sits on the vehicles key's and submits a secure signal 128bit on the 868Mhz wavelength meaning it can't be cloned or key scanned like other alarm and immobiliser products on the market. This device is just an immobiliser only but the system is very effective.

The Pandora Storm can also offer anti hijack meaning if the owner is forced out the vehicle and the ADR tag is out of range the system will start the Anti Hijack countdown and immobilise the vehicle shortly after. We offer Anti-Hijack on many vehicles free of charge (however please note some vehicles will require a wireless immobilisation relay at additional cost / some vehicles can't have anti hijack installed such as electric or hybrid vehicles.

The Pandora Storm doesn't use just can-bus blocking alone it uses analog blocking also which means if the can-bus blocking was hacked / bypassed the vehicle will still remain immobilised. Unlike another Russian made Can-Bus immobiliser the vehicle will also remain immobilised if the Pandora Storm is unplugged. The Pandora Storm is very small and can be loomed / taped into a vehicle wiring harness for the highest level of security.

The Pandora Storm also uses the Pandora BT mobile smartphone app which allows you to view battery voltage, interior temperature, engine temperature and much more. Please be aware not all temperatures will work on all vehicles. This is due to limitations on the data on each Can-Bus line / out of our control. The system will also offer handsfree locking on many vehicles meaning if you walk away with the Pandora ADR tag the vehicles doors will lock. Unlock funtion is not supported as standard / additional parts required.

The Pandora Storm is the system of choice for many car owners that are looking for an excellent Can-Bus immobiliser witht the very best additional immobilisation. Remember this system also offers Anti Hijack on many vehicles. We also created the software file for the BMW vehicles which allows the interior buttons to be used, this allows the steering wheel buttons to be used as another form of protection. As an example if someone steals your keys and Pandora tag they won't be able to start the vehicle unless they know the secure pin thats entered via the steering wheel controls.

Pandora LIght Pro Car Alarm immobilisere


Use Your Smartphone as your car key.
Using your smartphones Bluetooth technology to disarm your Storm system.

No hassle, with Bluetooth Encrypted ID Tags.
Safe and secure use of your OEM key, using 128bit encryption and our discrete Pandora tags. Use your vehicle as normal, and simply keep your tag on your person. Easy.

Use a secret code sequence, all from factory buttons.
Use the buttons in your vehicle to disarm the Storm immobiliser, by inputting a unique code sequence. No need to carry any extra tags, or, add another layer of security.

The new 3D Smartphone app for IOS & Android devices.
Our unique smartphone app gives full control and up to date information on your vehicle through Bluetooth. Change settings, send commands, or just change how it looks.

Anti-hijack. Full car jacking protection.
Anti-hijack automatically activates to keep you and your loved ones safe, and prevent your vehicle from getting too far.
Smart, simple and super effective.

Upgradable at any time.
Upgrade at a later date, adding more features within the Pandora ecosystem.

Turn your immobiliser into a full alarm system.
Remote engine start - Start your car from your smartphone or OEM fob.
NAV X - Add full GPS tracking, phone notifications and worldwide control.
Pandora Key - Turn your Smartphone into your push to start vehicle's car key. Lock & unlock, or start your car.
Add an upgraded LCD Bluetooth remote, that also acts as a tag.
The Storm isn't just the most advanced immobiliser system. It's the most upgradeable, made to be flexible and suit your needs.

Fitting Service is carried out our Leyton workshop

605 High Road Leyton
Greater London
E10 6RF

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