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Planed planks - Brown
We are FSC certified

For people who care about the environment and appreciate the beauty of wood in the interiors, we prepared unique products. They are made of noble raw material, in addition, they are distinguished by a unique history. Recycled wood completely changes its face, becoming a product adapted to modern requirements. His class and style are also appreciated today.

Our company's vision is based on respect for nature. This is why we appreciate the potential of old wood and create brand new products from it. After the renewal of this noble raw material, furniture fronts, countertops and tables are created. Among the products of our company you can also find materials for finishing various surfaces such as wall panels and floorboards.
Thanks to us, the old wood regains its beautiful appearance

We have been dealing with professional processing of old wood for almost 10 years. This time allowed us to acquire a qualified team of specialists and a modern machine park.

Why it is worth choosing our products?

- high quality
The proof of our products high quality is seen in the fact that our products have been utilized in malls throughout Western Europe and Scandinavia. Our wood also decorates the areas of exclusive hotels, restaurants and showrooms. What is more, each product, which leaves our factory, has a certificate of quality.
- innovative wood processing with the care for the natural beauty of old wood. In addition, a qualified team of specialists constantly monitors all of the wood processing. The wood is subjected to professional thermal treatment in high-temperature drying chambers – thanks to that the wood is free from insects and fungi.
We also offer the possibility of pressure treating the wood with a special substance without odour, which can be used inside houses. It will additionally protect your unique products against the possibility of reinfestation by pests.
- short delivery time
The element which distinguishes us on the market is our rich, varied and carefully selected resources of old wood, which allows us to meet our customers needs. What is more, because of that, we can guarantee a short lead time.
- natural product
The origin of our wood goes back to the beginning of the 20th century. We obtain our wood from old buildings such as sheds or barns.

As the only Polish producer, we are able to fulfill orders almost immediately. We have a rich stock of old wood that we keep replenishing. So we can guarantee a fast order fulfillment with 100% certainty.

Planed planks
Old plank, brushed and dried in chambers

- widths: from 10 to 25 cm (various widths)
- thickness: 20 mm
- lenghts: from 100 cm to 190 cm
- colours: shades of brown (dark and light)
- mounting method: using wooden frame

The price is for 1 sq meter of old, wooden planks.
* The minimum order quantity is 10 sq meters
* Shiping is not include in the price
* Please visit our website Antikholzprofis, where longer boards are also available – up to 4m, as well as other product
* after additional arrangement, it is possible to prepare planks with tongue and groove connection

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