Tommee Tippee day and night prep machine, steriliser, warmer

Sudbury, Suffolk


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9 days ago


Tommee Tippee Bundle

Day and night prep machine
Milk/food warmer

Matching grey set of items, used but well looked after. If you’ve never used a prep machine it will make a big difference! I didn’t use one for my first child but used it for my second and wondered why I hadn’t got one previously! Brilliant! They are expensive new, and this one you can change sounds as well as it being lit so easy to see at night. It probably needs a new filter soon but hasn’t asked to be changed. I would buy a new one just to be safe. The steriliser is good too and looks nice next to the machine on your worktop. I have some bottles if you need any but you would need to buy some new teats for them. If you would like them just let me know happy to add them for free. Have matching grey rimmed ones and some milk pots too!

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