Musician/singer at hyde park winter wonderland

Central London, London
54 days ago
21 Oct 2021

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Hyde park winter wonderland runs from november through to january, it now attracts more then 3 million visitors every year. Since the event started in 2005 it has grown in size and popularity.

At the arctic lodge bar we create a warm friendly feel where people can step out of the hustle of london and chill with a drink in a cozy setting. Of an evening the lights come on, the fires start roaring and the music starts to play!

Our seating area sits around 500 people at any given time, and the stage is situated so even people walking by can stop and marvel at the acts.

We are looking for artists to help make peoples experience at the arctic lodge the best it can be. Throughout the week days we are offering out our stage to talented artists who are looking to promote themselves. We will cover any travel expenses to and from the venue and if you are what we are looking for will be offered a permanent slot for the rest of the event.

If you could send over a link of your work for consideration we will get back to you asap. Feel free to massage with any questions.

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