Ampetronic Induction Loop Driver ILD60 - sold as seen

North Finchley, London

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26 days ago


Ampetronic Induction Loop Driver ILD60 - sold as seen - comes with a power cable.

Collection from North London only. Please ask if you have questions.

Microphone Input:

Two inputs, suitable for use with electret microphones.

DC powering for electret capsules.

VOX control from input 1.

NOTE: these inputs are not designed to be used with standard microphones with XLR
type connectors. A special adaptor is needed to use these microphones.

Line Input:

Impedance 60 K Ohms each side, 20 K Ohms differential.

Sensitivity: matched to normal SCART signal levels.

Loop Current: 4 Amp Peak signal current into SINGLE TURN loop.

Monitoring via front panel LED, which indicates current peaks.

Loop Resistance:

Must be less than 1 Ohm but greater than 0.3 Ohm.

Area Coverage:

The nominal area that can be covered for a rectangular loop is 60m² (650 ft²). The installation handbook gives information on loops of different aspect ratio.

Where metal occurs in adjacent structures, significant losses may occur and the area will be much reduced, with severely affected frequency response. Please contact

Ampetronic for advice.

Compressor / AGC Control:

Compression range 36dB to overload. Front panel indication.

Attack and Decay time constants optimised for speech.

Frequency Response:
80 Hz to 5 KHz ± 1.5dB at low level, measured as loop current.

High frequency high signal level response is a dynamic variable and is a function of loop size, loop current and signal content to ensure that no RFI generation takes place. Internal time constants are very short.

AC Power Input:
230 Volt AC operation 50-65 Hz.
115 V AC version available.

Power consumption 15 VA Max.

Length: 216mm

Width: 124mm

Height: 44mm

Weight: 1.3Kg

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