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53 Mitsubishi 1-3 Space Star MPV, Fab condition New £300 clutch/brakes, DRIVES BEAUTIFULLY £195 CASH

Washington, Tyne and Wear £195.00
685 days ago
87000 miles
Seller type
Body type
Fuel type
Engine size
1299 cc


A tale of modern greed being heaped upon our elderly with devastating results -read on

Seen in some of the pictures visiting a beautiful cemetery in East Yorkshire, ah those were the days when we pondered along in this Superb Mitsubishi 1-3 space star MPV 53 reg looking at all the grave stones in villages up and down the country, magnificent car for the family and the more mature owners like ourselves, Just been brought out of the garage after having had a new clutch and some new brakes fitted at a cost to our Walter of £300 eeh he was a bit angry was my Walter when the young chap gave him the bill for £300, I seem to recollect some of his words although in 58 years of marriage I've never heard my Walter say those words, I think some of the young use abbreviations these days to hide the fact that they wish to use rude words, he began with a WTF you said it would be £200 at the maximum to fix the car, the young chap was taken aback when my Walter continued with You Mummy loving xxxxhead Sxxt eating Pixx drinking Fatherless xxxxing assole as he gently grabbed the young chap across the counter & hit him with his walking stick 196 times, He's on bail is Walter now, the young chap was heard saying I can give you a discount for your next service before he lapsed into unconsciousness, he's being looked after now very well in the intensive care ward with his lovely family all around him awaiting his return from the coma. As I say Walter is on bail now which is helpful because he's really gone off this car now and has said that the first one who comes along with £195 can buy it, it will at least go towards our lawyers bills for when he next attends court, eeh my Walter he's such a bugger

£195 located in the North East NE37 2PA because he tried to outrun from the cops at the day of the incident, he bundled me ever so delicately into the passenger seat and said to me don't worry Mildred it wont be long before you will be sat at home watching Coronation street as we hurtled up the North yorkshire moors with a convoy of 19 police cars behind us and two police helicopters flying overhead, as it neared coronation streets starting time he could see I was getting a little upset but he put me right by saying we could download the episode on catch-up which of course the police behind us couldn't until we reached Washington where they had laid a trap with the SAS to stop my dear Walter and me

Eeh he's a bugger my Walter! What were we talking about now? He's just told me that the Mot has lapsed now because his electronic tag has stopped him venturing any further than 5 meters from our little bungalow.

£195 worth over £600 its in that good a condition, first to see, drive, inspect and touch will buy it

07484 161370 anytime to suit you, last chance to buy this week as the car will be returned back to East Yorkshire & will undergo an MOT to achieve its potential just in time for when the darker nights and mornings are upon us, the winter rains and the inevitable crashes that Autumn and Winter bring draw heavy against limited stock in the cheap car market of which this is a prime contender. Do Not Waste Anytime to buy, You will regret not buying.

Walter & Mildred are infamous now! there is talk of a movie about their adventure being planned - which prompts me to think who could play the parts of our celebrity couple??

Walter Michael Caine
Mildred Diana Rigg

The Trial is over and Walter has been found guilty of grevious bodily harm to the young chap, thankfully the young fellow came out of his coma grinning madly and saying "Man what a trip to his baffled family" Ive no idea what he refers to but apparently he kept asking for more Maureen or Morticia the family think he said, anyway the very nice judge fellow said that my Walter could remain on bail until he's had a psychological report before sentencing in a months time, he said that Walter mustn't venture too far & not to visit any garage premises that may invoke his angry outbursts, its nice having him around home, we sit and watch TV shows that my Walter likes, he's not really romantic but we do cuddle up on the settee watching Terminator a lot and Saw, silence of the lambs is another favorite, he does have a mildly keen attraction to little buggers being naughty just like my dear Walter.

07484 161370 - The last possible time you can buy this car in Washington is this weekend after that its on its way back to Lissett in East Yorkshire YO25 8HY - A LOVELY CAR CHEAP

DELAYED AGAIN due to the delivery of a vehicle South - will be here at Washington until Tuesday 25/10/16

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