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Contact Guillaume


Posting for 2+ years

Personal guidance / Life coach / Counselling

Abbeyhill, Edinburgh


Posting for 2+ years

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Contact Guillaume


20 days ago


I'm offering online sessions of personal counselling and philosophical guidance.

My approach is practical, and as such, I often give advice that is as concrete as possible to the people who ask for help. I mostly refer to logic and common sense instead of concepts and theories, although I'm very much inspired by Greco-Roman philosophy.

I recorded a short podcast on YouTube on my channel "Guillaume Beaumel" and I also wrote a book published on Amazon: "How to be satisfied with the passing of time".

Who am I? My name is Guillaume (pronounced GI-YOM, that's French) and I'm 40 years old. Two decades ago, I started to study psychology, an area that I still follow up very closely, although I'm not a psychologist. I've spent many years travelling and meeting people of all horizons, including religious and spiritual communities, in some of which I volunteered. I started personal counselling three years ago in a Buddhist community, where we used to receive people who struggled to find their place in our society. I'm not religious myself, but I respect all beliefs.

Before that, I've been a chef, a sommelier, a private driver, a chief editor, a freelance programmer, and I taught programming to young adults online during COVID. I'm also a self-taught philosopher and I believe that virtue is a good way of overcoming our anxiety. Despite all our technological innovations, we still depend too much on things we don't need, and discovering the things we actually don't want is part of the process. I value cohesion, nature and serenity, and I strongly emphasise on enjoying the present moment, on "cultivating our garden", carpe diem, which is a motto that is often misused. I strongly believe that we create hell for ourselves when we project ourselves too much into times that are not ours.

My goal is to help people in their practical lives, and not to indoctrinate them. As such, your intentions are paramount and I will always respect them. As your personal counsellor, I will always adapt to your life and to your own identity. I don't give any exercise or "personal homework" as you can find online, as I don't want to put more pressure than you already have on your shoulders.

Personal counselling / life coaching is about listening, assessing and solving. Sometimes the conflicts we have with ourselves have the same form as a conflict we would have with a friend, and very often, talking about it is enough to solve it. My job is to ask the right questions.

Before we start a real session (about an hour), we can have a free discovery session if you feel uncertain. We'll be using Jumpchat for our communication, which is an anonymous, free, and instantaneous way of chatting online, directly through their website. Webcam is optional, depending on your preference. If you're interested, please message me and we'll schedule an appointment at the time of your convenience. I don't ask for a minimum amount of sessions.

A word of warning: I'm not a psychologist, I don't provide any medical treatment, and I'm not a mental health professional. If I consider that you should seek the help of a professional, for whatever reason, I will tell you. You should not be offended by that.

I speak English and French.

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