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Professional Investigation and Covert Surveillance services, Matrimonial & Commercial Investigations

Leith, Edinburgh
67 days ago


Gilead Specialist Services Ltd is a sector leading professional investigation company which provides unique investigation and covert surveillance solutions. We provide a bespoke covert investigation service that you can trust and will cater to all of your requirements whether you are an individual, a small business or a leading company.

Gilead Specialist Services operate throughout the United Kingdom however we specialise in cases throughout Scotland and the North of England.

All staff at Gilead Specialist Services Ltd conduct investigations in a manner which strictly adheres to the law. We do not employ any practices or procedures which are illegal. As a result, any evidence collected will be admissible in court across the whole of the UK.

Private Investigator Edinburgh

If you are in the Edinburgh area and looking for a discreet & professional private investigator that offers competitive pricing, look no further than Gilead Specialist Services.

With vast experience across a wide range of investigative services and a comprehensive understanding of Edinburgh we are ideally suited to meet your needs.

In addition to conventional tracing techniques, we have a team of dedicated operators that use social media and other digital resources and have an excellent record throughout Edinburgh and the Lothians.

Whether for evidence gathering to expose illicit activity or for other purposes, the team at Gilead will work in a highly disciplined fashion to your exact instructions with professionalism and integrity.

Covert Surveillance

Covert Surveillance is the act of imposing Surveillance on an individual, place or vehicle without the target knowing they are being kept under physical or technical observation.

Operators at Gilead Specialist Services provide covert Surveillance on foot, mobile or in static locations. We use Surveillance in all forms of our investigations whether in urban or rural environments and on all terrains, for example for insurance claims, benefit fraud or following an individual for matrimonial and infidelity cases.

Matrimonial Investigations

Finding out your partner has been unfaithful can be an immensely painful experience, but not knowing can be equally so. Gilead Specialist Services Matrimonial Investigations can catch out a cheating spouse and provide evidence for acts of infidelity, including inappropriate relationships and extramarital affairs. We will handle your request with the utmost sensitivity and discretion and give you the information you need to move on with your life.

Your concern may start with a "gut feeling". Your partner may be acting strangely, be secretive in their actions, maybe you have found another phone or you may have heard rumours that are playing on your mind.

If you think your spouse or partner has been unfaithful, you will want answers, but when you confront them, there is no going back. Whether your suspicions are right or wrong, your relationship will be changed by your accusation. Even if your suspicions are right, your partner may deny it and your chances of finding evidence will have dropped significantly.

Gilead Specialist Services work covertly and diligently to find the truth for your peace of mind. We gather the facts and gain evidence for you to make a sound decision, leaving you with the information needed to go forward with your life. And should the investigation prove no infidelity, no-one need ever know it took place, leaving your relationship intact.

We will provide the most appropriate solutions from our portfolio of services to cater to your needs. After all, your hunch may have been wrong and rumours you heard turn out to be just that, rumours. At least you will be able to continue with your life without damaging the trust between you and your partner.

Rural Surveillance

Our Rural Surveillance operators provide bespoke and comprehensive techniques and methods, allowing the unique ability to operate in all rural environments and conditions with both manned and unmanned surveillance operations. All operators working in our Rural Surveillance department are ex-military personnel and have extensive training and vast operational experience in a variety of diverse conditions and environments.

Proof of Cohabitation

Our discreet investigations can provide proof of cohabitation, whether in relation to a matrimonial dispute when alimony is being paid to an ex-spouse who now has a new partner living at home, or to assist private landlords or housing associations prove a breach of contract and provide evidence for Court proceedings.

Commercial Investigations

In todays’ challenging and dynamically changing workplace more and more economic pressures are placed on those responsible for running and managing a successful business. We can provide investigative solutions that are either covert or overt, depending on your requirements. In the UK, billions of pounds a year are lost through theft in the retail sector alone.

Have you noticed the warning signs and now have concerns over the behaviour of an employee? Increasing levels of dishonest behaviour by employees and/or external individuals may lead to financial loss, poor working relationships and loss of company reputation within the business community.

Gilead Specialist Services is able to utilise various investigative tools and methods including data research, surveillance and covert vehicle tracking whilst ensuring a high degree of professionalism, integrity and confidentiality.

Close Protection

We can provide Close Protection Operatives for yourself or your company. Our bespoke service can include driving, Residential Security Team (RST), executive protection in UK and abroad. Please contact us for your needs.

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