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53 days ago


We clean out gutters,and repair them,
Blocked gutters will cause water to come into your house....


We Paint the outside of houses,NO SCAFFOLDING
Scaffolding costs more than the house paint!!
Some tradesmen will tell you that you must have scaffolding by law.......NOT TRUE !!

We are now fitting Dry verge,...what is it ?
Its a Series of plastic trims that interlock together,They are fitted on the ends of the roofs.....Why ?
Underneath the tiles, on the edges of the roofs is cement,Which is on all roofs,
That cement ,over time cracks,breaks,and can fall out,
When that happens,Water gets in,and rots away the timbers under the tiles,or
if the gap is big enough..the tiles can be blown off !
Also it leaves you open to mice,rat,and rodent infestation,.
This ( dry verge) is a first class product,its been around for a while,
So whats the positives?
It resists high winds,and we guarantee it anyway,NO maintenance,Eliminates problems with mortar,Compatible with all tiles,Exceptionally secure,A very attractive finish,Tiles dont need to be removed,3 colours,Black,brown,grey,
No scaffolding required.
So how much ?? For us to supply the materials,and fit it, is between £500-£600 no vat, WORTH EVERY PENNY,..we can show you houses we have done...........

Also we now fit Cappitt,What is Cappitt,..Behind your gutters is a board,known as a fascia board,
Over time they rot,or generally look grotty,
we remove the gutters,and fit a purpose made plastic 10mm length of plastic on top
of the rotted board,and refit the gutters
It looks very clean,very crisp,and will last 20 years,
Tha cost is minimal.....please ask

Over the years,We have heard many stories of people being ripped off,
Usually the elderly,
These stories are very heartbreaking,because money doesnt fall out of the sky.
People have been robbed of large amounts of money,
Money is hard to come by !! And we want you to have peace of mind,and so
I dont ask for a single penny up front.
I pay for all the materials and labour,You dont pay anything until the work is completed,
When the work is completed,I walk you round the job,You inspect the work,If you are happy,You pay,
The price is agreed BEFORE work starts,
If you are not happy with anything we do,We will rework it,
Then payment is made,
You have absolute peace of mind....Nothing to lose...We dont do a good job....we dont get paid....!!
Please note:If the materials are substantial,we may ask for a small amount for materials,
We have many many happy customers,and a large part of our business,is repeat business,

We will travel anywhere,

We repair chimneys,cracks and loose render,

We do all interior decorating,and exterior,

We repair broken fences..We do emergency call outs,Blown down fences ..etc..
We Remove blown down trees....
We do all works on HMOs
We make shed bases,

We do all landscaping
We Trim hedges,cut grass,garden clearance,
We powerwash Decking,paths,patios,Block paving....Anything.
We Build patios,and repoint them.
We Build decking,we also repair decking and wash it.
We Clean out gutters,and clean and repair them,
We do all interior painting & decorating,walls,doors,frames,Ceilings
We change door locks,
We Clear houses after bereavement,
We do Plumbing,
we do end of tenancy repairs,
We repair car port roofs,and replace old polycarb( plastic) roofing with new
We re render chimney stacks,and repoint them,
We repair and replace soffitt boards and Fascias,

Until your job is completed..you Dont pay us a penny...
No money for materials,No money for Labour,
And ONLY when the job is completed,..Thats when you pay,

We ALWAYS tell you how much the cost of the work is going to be BEFORE work begins,

We offer price reductions to OAPs..and those on benefits,

We can show you first class references from our customers.

PLEASE SEE OUR WEBSITE.......Thankyou....Billy


Have a great day ....

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