2 x LD Systems MAUI 28 G1 + 2x Subwoofer extensions, PA mixer, cables

Stanmore, London

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Contact Liam

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3 days ago


 2x LD Systems MAUI 28 G1 + 2x Subwoofer   extensions, PA mixer, cables. NEW - 2000w peak!

Offers accepted!

This PA can be used by DJ's, KJ's and bands too. It was part of my musical project which never have been realised under these life circumstances forcing me to sell it for financial reasons. It is a new one, never left my flat for gigs. Some parts being kept into their cardboard boxes all this time. I couldn't buy complete PA at once. 

LD MAUI 28 - the compact, active and modular "all-in-one" system 

The LD MAUI 28 (Multiple Array User Intuitive) is the perfect solution for musicians and DJs as well as presentations and events with sophisticated music playback.

The input and control panel is very simple, and everything is nicely spaced and easy to access. There's a pair of XLR and jack 'combi' inputs, and a pair of unbalanced RCA inputs, too — a nice touch for those wanting to connect an iPod or similar device. Two rotary controls set the main system level and the relative subwoofer level, and there are also outputs for passing the signal through to another system.

The Maui 28 splits the input signal into no less than five frequency bands prior to amplification. The power-amp modules sit within the subwoofer, and the multi-pin connectors carry the appropriate speaker signals to the drivers. The sub employs a pair of eight-inch woofers in a wooden reflex enclosure with a large port at the front, and the three mid-frequency bands and the high bands are fed up the column to different parts of the vertical array. The array itself is an aluminium tower housing 16 three-inch drivers and a small tweeter horn right at the top.


Be Aware! it is General information for one array! 


35 kg 



Max. SPL (continuous)

115 dB 

Max. SPL (peak)

123 dB 

Frequency response

45 - 20.000 Hz 


Low/mid driver dimensions

2 x 8 " 

Woofer size

2 x 203 mm 

Woofer magnet


Woofer brand


Cabinet construction

Bass Reflex, V Construction 

Cabinet material

15 mm Plywood 

Cabinet surface

Dura Coat LX Texture Paint 

Subwoofer width

390 mm 

Subwoofer height

450 mm 

Subwoofer depth

510 mm 

Subwoofer features

Custom-made multipin connector for vertical array, ergonomically milled handles 

Mid/Hi System

Midrange size

16 x 3 " 

Midrange size

16 x 76 mm 

Midrange magnet


Midrange brand


Tweeter dimensions

1 " 

Tweeter dimensions (mm)

25 mm 

Tweeter magnet


Tweeter brand


Loudspeaker inputs

Speaker input connections

Custom-made multipin 

Cabinet construction mid/high


Mid/Hi system cabinet material


Mid/Hi system cabinet surface


Mid/Hi system width

110 mm 

Mid/Hi system height

790 mm 

Mid/Hi system depth

90 mm 

Mid/Hi system features

Vertical array with 4-way amping and extremely broad dispersion characteristic 

Amplifier module (integrated in subwoofer)


5-way Class A/B 

Amplifier output system (RMS)

400 W 

Amplifier output system (peak)

1600 W 

Protection circuits

Dual limiter 


Aluminium heat sink 


mains switch (on/off), Subwoofer Volume, volume 


Limit, Lock, Power, Protect (protection circuit engaged), Signal 

Operating voltage

transformer, Volex mains socket 

Operating voltage

220 V AC - 240 V AC, 50-60 Hz 

Line inputs

2 (Left/Right) 

Line input connectors

6.3 mm jack, RCA, XLR 

Line outputs

2 (Left/Right) 

Line output connectors


Loudspeaker outputs

Speaker output connections

Custom-made multipin 

No cardboard box for subwoofers and subwoofer extensions

No stand for PA mixer!

Package Contains

2 x LD systems Maui 28 G1 array

2 x bass subwoofer extensions

1 X PA Mixer

5 x Power Cables

2 x Quick Guide

2 x Mixer cables to speakers plus 2 connection cables for bass subwoofer extensions


                                               Not returns                                     


                                         Collection in person

Offers accepted!

The PA is on eBay listed too!

                                         Any question just Ask

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