A Good Find on Gumtree can be that item you've been searching for. But it can also be your buyer! So make sure you grab their attention with our top tips.

Collect and inspect your items
Gather your items
Select your items and give them a good once-over. Collect together any extras like power cords, instruction manuals or accessories. It doesn’t hurt to make sure the items are clean – a quick wipe, dust, or launder and iron (following the fabric care label) can really help them look their best.

Take eye-catching photos
Choose a simple background if possible like a plain wall or free corner of carpet. It’s worth making sure photos are clear, in focus and not too far away. It’s also a good idea to take pictures from lots of different angles and include some close-up shots – this will ensure buyers know exactly what they’re getting. You can upload up to 20 images so the more the better. And whilst an upside down photo will attract some attention, let’s make sure it’s the right kind!

✅ Top tip: take photos during the day with natural light from the front to make sure images are bright and sharp.

Writing your listing
Grab attention with your title
Choose the most appropriate category for your item so that buyers can find it easily, then think carefully about your title. Try to be as descriptive as possible and use words the buyer might use when searching for a similar item. And watch out for those typos! – while they may entertain you, you don’t want to put off your buyer. You might even like to use synonyms; for example, if you are selling a pair of bedside tables you could also put ‘bedside drawers’ or ‘nightstands’ in the title. If your item has a brand, make or model number, be sure to include that too.

✅ Top tip: use as many descriptive words as you can. For example, instead of just saying ‘denim skirt’ you could say ‘blue knee-length denim pencil skirt, size 14’.

Focus on the description
Your title will catch your buyer’s eye, but a good description will sell your item for you. Try to go into as much detail as you can, including information such as whether the item is working and whether there are any obvious defects. For categories like homeware and furniture, including measurements is essential so that buyers can visualise the item in their own home.

Try to include as many of these details as you can:

Make, brand, style and/or model number
Size or measurements
✅ Top tip: suggesting how the buyer might use the item or how they might style homeware and fashion can help really bring your description to life.

Choose a fair price
If you’re not sure how to price your item, it’s well worth taking a look at existing Gumtree ads to see how people have priced similar items. You should take age and condition into account – and remember you can always reduce your price later if the item hasn’t sold.

Making a sale
Be responsive
You can decide whether you want potential buyers to contact you by email, phone or both. Try to respond to messages or phone calls as quickly as possible and offer to provide extra photos or further details if you can.

Selling your item
You should arrange a convenient date and time for the buyer to view the item. Try to give them space and allow them to inspect the item in their own time. Don’t be afraid to negotiate but remember that everyone loves a deal – if the buyer is haggling, knocking off just a few pounds could secure the sale.

Now you’ve learnt how to sell on Gumtree and can breeze through the selling process, create your listing and sit back as potential buyers flock.